Friday, February 29, 2008

Balls, cars and displacement activity

Marian had to pick me up for golf this morning, as poor Lord H's car has broken down again, so he had to take mine to work. So, much like a 1950s housewife, I was stranded in the flat and forced to wait for more powerful people to pick me up and take me places. Mind you, it hasn't seemed to have done my golf any harm - I played like a dream today, though I say it myself and shouldn't. I even got to the green in one on the 9th and had the long swagger down the fairway waving my putter and looking smug, aha! And yes, I did par it. Double aha! I was amazed Marian gave me a lift back at all really.

Back home, I did more PR and marketing for Thorn in the Flesh and indulged in shedloads of displacement activity in order to avoid tackling the next section of The Gifting. Well, sometimes it just happens that way. I did manage - eventually and at the very end of my afternoon - to get the next small section done. It's the minor victories that count, you know ...

And I've tackled the RAC to get them to mend Lord H's car. It needed a new battery as the old one was completely dead, apparently. The RAC man's advice - once he got the old battery going - was to keep the car ticking over and drive to the nearest battery mending place and on no account was I to turn the engine off as it wouldn't get going again. Luckily, we have an ATS in Godalming and I managed to drive it there without stalling and the lovely engineers gave me a new battery in five minutes (so thank you to ATS!). However, I was distinctly unimpressed with the fact that the RAC man didn't even bother to follow me to the garage - I'd heard such good reports about the fact that they would do that sort of thing, but no. Not for me, missus. And I was way too traumatised at the break in my Friday routine to argue the case. Honestly, it's almost like being with the AA, except the RAC don't leave you in abandoned carparks at midnight for three hours before they bother to tell you they've lost your call. Yet ... I am obviously the Kiss of Death for the road rescue business. Sigh.

Tonight, I might do a little more to The Gifting, depending on my ability to focus - or not. And I think I'll treat myself to a glass of wine - oh we do know how to enjoy ourselves here in the south.

And I've finished Sarah Salway's short story collection, Leading the Dance. Utterly fabulous - sharp, humane, deep, and very, very focused. Just how I like my men really.

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Writing something - eventually
3. Books.

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Jilly said...

Anne - I read Sarah Salway's 'Something neginning With . . .' last year and found it enjoyable. I'll look out for the short stories now.

Anne Brooke said...

Yes, I'll have to get others of hers for sure - I was totally hooked!


Nik Perring said...

Yay! Another Sarah Salway convert. LTD is tremendous, isn't it. She is a top, top writer.


Anne Brooke said...

It's fab!