Monday, February 25, 2008

A Thorn response and parcel problems

All frighteningly calm on the work front today – I even managed to get through my outstanding emails before 10.30am came upon us. Well, gosh. Are people still in bed? Exhausted after half-term? It’s an enigma.

Unfortunately, it gives me time to puzzle over the possible suppliers for our proposed online booking system, which is even lower down in the “possible” stakes. Possibly. This is something of a bummer as I really have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing or which might be best. It’ll also mean having some kind of contact with the Procurement department, who are a mystery to me. I have an existential terror of having to bring some of the suppliers in to give demonstrations as it’ll mean I’ll have to take control of the whole process, and I do so hate being an office leader (however low down in the pond hierarchy I am, and believe me it’s pretty low) – I’m much better as a follower. No doubt it’ll all go wrong anyway and we’ll end up with (a) nothing, (b) the thing we first thought of, or (c) a disaster. Please take your pick …

To add to the day’s puzzlements, I have attempted to post Mother’s gifts and send off a couple of copies of Thorn in the Flesh via the campus Post Office, but have been thwarted as the damn thing is shut. Shut?!? Whatever is happening?? Such a darn nuisance. And I can’t go to town and post them either as I’m taking an extended lunch having a chat with a careers counsellor (the boss’s idea – is he trying to tell me something, do you think?...) later on. UPDATE: the careers woman was in the end not well enough to see me – so I made the most of the free time by leaping into town and posting the ruddy parcels, phew – at least you can rely on the town Post Office being open! Queues or no queues.

Ooh, and Lord H has now read Thorn and he thinks it’s his favourite so far, plus he really likes Kate – both of which responses surprised me as sections of the novel are very intense, and I had thought of it more as a “women’s issues book” – but apparently he liked the crime parts as well. Nice to have that reaction for sure, and interesting too!

Post-work, I have to drag myself round Tesco and get a few bits and pieces for the book launch on Wednesday, plus stock up on the week’s essentials. And tonight it’s “The Palace” on TV – bliss!

And I’m still mulling over how the heck I can rewrite the end of The Gifting. Hmm …

Today’s nice things:

1. Not having many emails to cope with
2. Lord H liking Thorn
3. TV.

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