Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Writers galore, army commissions and a big clear-out

We’ve spent a lot of the day clearing out the office in order to find space for new people to sit. New people, m’dears – what fun! It’s astonishing the rubbish we’ve – well, I’ve – managed to collect over four years. Really, I’m quite ashamed. I’ve also had to move my paper cut-out altar from my cabinets onto the wall – ah, it won’t be the same … Maybe I should colour it in? Might encourage a tad more divine intervention – you never know. Anyway, we all feel cleansed after our big clear-out. And we’re waiting with great anticipation for the recycling man. What fun we have here on campus.

Lord H has also saved the day for Ruth’s first night of her opera tonight – she’s doing the props for Opera South’s version of “The Bohemian Girl” and has suddenly had to come up with a 1914 Army Commission paper. Lord H managed to find something suitable on Google Images and also mocked something of his own up which he sent to us. Fab! The show can go on then … The boss (still in today but still ill, darnit!) was duly impressed with our dedication to our roles. Naturally. Well, I told him it was transformational networking and the University could only benefit from our increased happiness levels. Hmm, not sure that one will work again …

Oh and one of Ruth's old friends turned up for a chat and then announced she was ill too. Damn it, people, I am doomed, I tell you - doomed ... Somebody send me a mask to live in for the next week and I may just survive till launch day ... Lord, I hope so!

This lunchtime, I’ve got the University Writers Group, so I’m hoping people turn up with stuff to look at. I’m kind of winging it in the games area today, but I do have cut-out words for them to choose and take back for homework. So I feel I’ve achieved something. Possibly. UPDATE: actually, it went quite well and we even had one or two more new faces, so that’s looking positive. Hurrah!

Tonight, it’s Guildford Writers – it’ll be nice to see what everyone else is doing as I haven’t been able to go for a while. Goodness me, what a literary day I’m having. I’ve even got something to take along, in spite of being neck-deep in my editing project. It’s the start of a short story about how to eat fruit and a strange man called Jacob. At least that’s what I think it is – I’ll have to see. It's something I started in the lunchtime group anyway, so it’s nice that occasionally the two things link up. Also it feels quite liberating even to be thinking about a short story and doing it just for fun too – it’s a long time since I’ve done either of those. Hmm, food for thought, maybe?

Today’s nice things:

1. The big tidy
2. Army commissions
3. Writers groups

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