Friday, May 09, 2014

The windy garden: 9 May 2014

Goodness, it's very windy today in the garden, I must say. However, it's unexpectedly sunny too so I managed to get some shots of the estate, ho ho. I did try to get some pics of the glorious Mrs Bradshaw geums which are now out but they wouldn't stay still in the wind, alas. I will have to try when it's calmer.

Here's what's around today:


Azalea (on its way out now but still worth a pic, I think)

View of the back garden with the potted cherry trees

View of the back garden with that azalea in the foreground

A longer view of the back (with one corner of the bridge at the bottom right)

View of the back garden with the bridge (K repainted it last year, but it needs redoing again. I blame our very wet winter …)

One type of striped clematis (we do so love stripes and will always choose them if possible)

The other type of striped clematis.

The first of our three (different) rhododendrons in all its glory.

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