Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mary Berry's Seed Cake and a sugar disaster

Today I tried my hand at Old-Fashioned Seed Cake, courtesy of Mary Berry. I tried it before and actually it's quite nice - though it's true to say the seeds do take a little getting used to. I particularly like the addition of candied peel, which gives it a bit of a lift.

Things I've learnt from today's baking: if you forget to put the sugar in before mixing it, then a large part of it seems to fly out of the bowl and needs to be rescued from the four corners of the kitchen. Hey ho. I did wonder why it was proving so tricky this morning - I only realised about the sugar when I went to measure out the candied peel and found the space still occupied.

I am relying on the hope that the act of baking the pesky beast in our high-energy oven might well destroy all potential nasties, but in fact we cleaned the kitchen yesterday so no doubt we will live to fight another day.

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