Saturday, May 03, 2014

St Lucia Banana Cake: an exotic romance

Today's cake is St Lucia Banana Cake. Here's the recipe.

The cake was fairly simple to make, though you do need a lot of butter when greasing the tins. That said, it's fiddly chopping up the pineapples and walnuts, but I'm easily bored … I found the frosting more of a struggle though, and I'm not sure it's quite gone to plan! I probably shouldn't have used a lighter version of the soft cheese, as the full-fat one would probably have set more easily. Still, it's keeping its shape thus far, more or less, and the taste is great.

This is absolutely an ideal cake for Angie's dream cafe in Pink Champagne and Apple Juice - just perfect for a romance with a hint of the exotic! No doubt she and that talented but tricky chef, Heinrich, would make a far better job of it than I have …

Anne Brooke
Gay Reads UK
The Gathandrian Fantasy Trilogy

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