Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gay romance review: A Seasonal Reunion

There's a thoughtful review of gay romance A Seasonal Reunion over at Hearts on Fire Reviews - and I'm particularly happy that the reviewer was able to put to one side her dislike of books about infidelity and give it a chance:

"He [Danny] was aware of the pain he caused. He was remorseful. I still don’t like reading about cheaters,  but this was done well, and showed a way to redemption that wasn’t overly easy on either of them and actually showed the damage caused."

Because I do appreciate that Danny's story is a difficult one, particularly in respect of how he treats Jake, and indeed Marty. Although the book isn't for everyone, I like to believe there's the hope of redemption in every aspect of life, and Danny - for all his faults - deserves a chance for happiness just as much as the rest of us do.

As a reminder, here's the blurb:
Danny Brigson makes a serious mistake when he sleeps with Marty, an old boyfriend at an ill-advised reunion. He tries to cover it up, but Marty tells all, and the love of Danny's life, Jake, throws him out.
Over the next year, Danny tries to sort his life out, determined to stop relying on drugs and drink to get him through. Can he even dare to hope that one day Jake might give him the chance to put things right?

So, I hope you give the story a chance, and that it's a thought-provoking read for you too. Happy Sunday!

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