Sunday, August 17, 2008

Operatic thoughts and more Maloney

Well, gosh, Love and Other Demons was certainly an experience. Not one we particularly enjoyed, alas. Although the weather was kind and our picnic was fun. To my mind, it was all rather dull with a simple recitative used throughout instead of any chance at lyricism (which I would have thought the book would encourage). I've never been so relieved to see the descent of a curtain. Though the singers were grand, I have to say, and of course it's always good to see a red-haired woman as the main character, naturally - it's just that the material they had to work with seemed poor. As Lord H commented as we left, they took the best bits of a very difficult book, so good on the lyricist and composer for that - but what they should have done to convey the power and passion of the themes was to give the South American flavour by using the rhythms and songs of that country, and to contrast this with the Catholicism sections by using religious chant as a counterpoint. Now that's an opera we'd have liked to see - but unfortunately this attempt ain't it. Perhaps some other composer could have a go?...

Oh, and my shoes were agony too - it was a relief to wrench them off when we got home!

This morning, the lovely Jeffrey Round has emailed me to say the following about Maloney's Law:

“A lovely book! Your poetic instincts were obvious from the start. I can always tell a real writer from a storyteller ... And gosh, but Dominic was a sexy bugger! Why is it always the immoral ones who are soooo good?????” [I've removed the middle sentence which gives away plot]

Thanks so much, Jeffrey - that's very much appreciated indeed! So glad you enjoyed the read. Also glad you liked Dominic - some don't! Of course, I think he's a sexy cad, but I would say that, wouldn't I?...

Today I have sorted out the cars so we have enough oil and water and tyre pressures for the week (hurrah!) and I have stirred myself to domesticity by baking a peach crumble. Which worked - double hurrah! This time, I added fruit juice to it so it wasn't so dry and we had the cream left over from yesterday to use up too, which helped. The peaches were perfect as well - I swiped one or two pieces (well, more actually) for myself whilst cutting them up. Mmmm, lovely.

And I've finished reading the hugely talented Vicki Tyley's Sleight Malice. A grand read, Vicki - I do hope they will be in the shops soon for you. I particularly loved the Desley & Fergus arc - they rocked. I've now started Vicki's Brittle Shadows and am loving Jemma too. I do enjoy a good action heroine!

Tonight, I have the repeat of Midsomer Murders in my sights for an evening's TV slump - ooh, and we've managed to watch our video of the last of the Bonekickers episodes. How I'm going to miss the gang! I hope they make another series - I do so love the main character, Gillian. Favourite character scene: the one where the great G rushes away from a kiss with the male totty as she's seen something more exciting and relevant to her mission on the telly - hurrah for Woman Power! It's good to see a gal who isn't afraid not to be nice. Bring it on! Wimpy heroines are soooo last century ...

This week's haiku:

A marsh harrier
foreshadows death in the sky.
Wind blows the clouds in.

Today's nice things:

1. Discovering the opera they should have written ...
2. Maloney comments
3. A successful peach crumble - and cream!
4. Kick-ass heroines a-plenty
5. TV
6. Haikus.

Anne Brooke
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Hippy Writer said...

Hi Anne, apologies but I'm going to have to disagree with you about Bonekickers, I thought it was terrible. Glad to see you're becming a domestic goddess with the peach crumble, I never seem to find the energy these days to want to actually cook. lol!

Anne Brooke said...

Shame on you, it's great!



Jilly said...

Peach crumble sounds delicious - with or without the cream!

Anne Brooke said...

Mmm, it was - and there's more for tonight too!



Anonymous said...

Thrilled you enjoyed Sleight Malice, Anne.

P.S. Save some of that peach crumble for me! Yum. xxx

Anne Brooke said...

It was fab, Vicki - but I fear you may have missed out on the crumble!!