Saturday, August 02, 2008

A slow day

Honestly, nothing much has happened today. It's one of those days in the universe which doesn't - at least here in cloudy Godalming - count for much. However, my stomach is less gripey than yesterday and I think that whatever I have is developing into a head cold with digestive accessories. (Would you like your head cold with digestive accessories, Ms Brooke, or without? Oh with, please doctor, it's so much more fun ...)

As a result, I didn't go for a day's birdwatching in Pulborough Brooks, but I encouraged Lord H to go anyway - there's nothing duller than being indoors with a sick wife. So one of us has had a nice day at least, hurrah, and he's come back loaded with Lemsips, Lucozades, the Saturday Torygraph (ah, here in Surrey, where would we be without it?) and - best of all! - a new cuddly bird, complete with appropriate song. What a superhusband. The bird in question is a cuddly songthrush, and my goodness but it's loud. Extra sensitive too - it's supposed to sing if you push its back but this one starts up if you so much as glance at it whilst passing. Perhaps it's trying to tell us something? So, a nice, if opinionated, addition to our cuddly bird collection.

Whilst Lord H was out, I have been lying on the sofa and doing a lot of sudokus. Ye gods, I'll have to be careful though - I can't imagine what would happen if there were no puzzles to do around the flat. I can see I'm going to have to stock up fairly soon. Not only that but I've been reading the gloriously talented Vicki Tyley's novel, Sleight Malice, which she has kindly let me have. Another great story with some kick-ass characters, Vicki! I am wildly in love with the main man, Fergus. When oh when will publishers have the sense to take this stuff on?? Deeeeeep sigh.

Meanwhile the US publication date for the eBook of Thorn in the Flesh comes closer. The final edits have been done and it's now with the designer apparently. I might even be able to sign it off before I go on holiday, which would be grand. It's certainly exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product very much.

And I've even managed to squeeze out another 500 words of Hallsfoot's Battle, though it has very much been a struggle today. I'm floundering around for ideas and some kind of forward motion - I suspect I'll have to rely on the mind-executioner to do that. He always does something off-beat everyone else in the book has to respond to. I hope. Anyway, I'm not going to do any more to it now - I'm feeling too old and too tired, and the other 500 words I'd like to have under my belt before the holiday can wait. Besides, there's a barrel-load of crap TV on tonight, and I need something light and fluffy that just goes over my head. Bring on that darn song-thrush eh ...

Today's nice things:

1. Slobbing
2. Thorn eBook development
3. Cuddly birds
4. Writing
5. Vicki Tyley's novels
6. Sudokus.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Gosh… I mean, stiffen the wombats, that’s high praise! Thrilled to bits that you’re enjoying Sleight Malice, Anne.

Keep up those Lemsips and Lucozades. A head cold is NOT a good holiday accessory. Take care. xxx

Anne Brooke said...

Those poor wombats!!! I hope they don't suffer too much ... Sleight grand, and am feeling more human today, hurrah!



Casdok said...

I too have to be stocked up with sudokus!
Its cloudy and miserable here this morning too, but then i am not far from you.
Hope you are feeling better and the universe is being kind to you!

Anne Brooke said...

Sudoku addicts of the world unite! Do you think it's autumn at last, tee hee?!!

Love & hugs to you!


litlove said...

I am so sorry to hear you are poorly - I am most familiar with the cold plus stomach complications which is often the result of excess worrying, I find. You are doing exactly the right thing by resting. But I'm very impressed you got some writing done, too. Now, there's a professional!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, LL! But a professional what, I wonder! More likely to be a professional obsessive, tee hee!