Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thorn, fanciable men and fire drills

Lovely to see Thorn in the Flesh on the Bristlecone Pine Press website today, and I also managed to do some marketing last night, so I’m hoping that raises interest in the eBook. Don’t miss out!

At work, I’m trundling through the minutes of yesterday’s meeting – interest levels are low at the moment due to (a) total exhaustion and (b) impending holiday, but I’m doing my best. Am also attempting to set up a staffing rota for the first of our new students’ events in early September, so here’s hoping I drum up some enthusiasm for that also. Eventually. Not to mention that I need to proof-read the new Mentors’ Handbook before I leave tonight.

Mind you, today’s big excitement was a real-live fire drill. Gosh! However, without the guiding hand of David or Ruth, we were somewhat confused as to where to gather once we’d escaped the non-existent flames, but we eventually followed the Catering crowd and ended up roughly where we should be. One hopes. I feel there’s room for improvement however … Oh, and Ruth’s husband, Douglas, popped in (after the drill, thankfully) to fetch the car keys (a long story – safest not to ask!), just as we were discussing which stars we fancied most. Note for Husbands: there are some occasions when truly it’s best not to enquire about the conversation when you enter a room! You only have yourself to blame when we tell you the truth …

Walked round the campus at lunchtime, as the weather was slightly better – as indeed am I – ye gods but it’s really good to get out of the office sometimes. The ducks were nice too, even though my special shady bench was once again occupied. Sigh.

Ooh, almost forgot – this week’s heroes are (a) Richard Dawkins, (b) Ruth’s dentist – possibly (for solving her toothache problem, but here’s hoping it works …), (c) Germaine Greer, and (d) Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman – who count as one. Almost. Which brings me nicely back to which stars we fancy most. Mmmm ...

And tonight, I might try and do a little bit more to Hallsfoot’s Battle, but I’m not pushing it and, frankly, the call of the TV seems stronger.

Meanwhile, at home the lovely Jill Weekes has sent me a copy of Maloney's Law to sign - so thank you, Jill, as it's lovely to see a real copy of the book at last! And hey doesn't it look good. Lord H is particularly taken with the back cover whisky and watch picture. So appropriate for Paul! But don't worry, I shall sign and put it in the post tomorrow, so he'll have to wait for my author's copies to arrive post-holiday to read it himself.

Today’s nice things:

1. Thorn at Bristlecone Pine Press
2. Fire drills
3. Stars and husbands
4. Lunchtime walks
5. TV
6. Seeing my first copy of Maloney - even if only temporarily!

Anne Brooke
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Jilly said...

Thanks Anne - glad to know it got to you safely!

Anne Brooke said...

Now signed and packaged up and should be posted to you (Lord H willing!) tomorrow.

I have refrained from licking the cover also - aren't I good!



litlove said...

So glad to know you've had your hands on the first copy of your book - how exciting! And sorry to hear that you've got further to go on the medical front. I'm convinced that everything possible rises that can rise due to the stress of the waiting and worrying! Seeing as this is taking so much time, my money is still on the result being not so very awful as all that. I'm so pleased you have a lovely holiday to look forward to.

Jilly said...

I'll look forward to getting it back and reading it! Thanks Anne Hugs

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, LL - you're right, I'm sure!

And posted today, Jilly - thank you!

Hugs, both