Monday, August 04, 2008

Muddling through and Thorn revisited

Rather a rough night last night, Carruthers – couldn’t sleep at all, so got up at about midnight and did some sudokus. Eventually had an hour’s sleep on the sofa and then woke up again with a stiff neck at about 2am and went back to bed. All my dreams lately have been focused on lions and tigers and such like stalking me and trying to get into whichever house I am hiding in. Hmm, doesn’t take an analyst to work out that one then!... I did think I might try to face the buggers next time I dreamt it and see if they’re as bad as I fear – which sometimes works – but I haven’t so far had the balls to do it.

Anyway here’s a poem about it:


Lions and tigers
prowl round the house
at night.

They are coloured
like sand, they snuffle
and purr

but their intentions
are dubious.
Don't trust them.

Their hot satin mouths
will tear you
skin from skin

and you won't be the same

Anyway, I have dragged myself to work and am feeling better in small waves. Sort of. I also have enough Lucozade inside me to launch the Titanic twice, and am now so hyper you would probably have to scrape me off the ceiling with a pen-knife. Ye gods, no wonder I can’t sleep!

Mind you, the good news is that yesterday Bristlecone Pine Press sent me the edited version of the Thorn in the Flesh ebook, and I was able to sign it off for them last night. Apart from the corrections I made to it, the only phrase changed is “tannoy system”. Which is now “P A system”. I had no idea up to that point that tannoy is such a UK-based word, but apparently it’s actually a generalised trade name, like Hoover, according to a quick slice of research on the web. You do indeed learn something new every day. So it looks like the ebook should be available at a very reasonable cost very shortly, so many thanks, Leslie, of BPP for that! Watch this space … And talking of which here it is on Mobipocket, with the full Monty on Amazon still to come. And very reasonably priced it is too - buy early buy often!

This morning, I have muddled through the informal Steering Group meeting – most people are away on holiday, but we managed to keep it going for the required hour. Just. And hey the coffee and tea was nice. Though the biscuits I’d ordered were mysteriously absent and I had to hunt for water. Thank goodness for my lunchtime reflexology session – just when I needed it most. Again.

Tonight, I’m facing the Tesco shop – groan! – and then I shall collapse in front of “New Tricks” on TV and do my Slob of the Year routine. So no change there then.

Today’s nice things:

1. Signing off Thorn for Bristlecone Pine Press
2. Thorn appearing on Mobipocket!
3. Reflexology
4. Poetry
5. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic news on the eBook front, though not so good on the health one.

Just think of those lions and tigers as big cuddly pussy cats. Mind the teeth and claws, though. Oh dear, I'm not helping, am I?

Take care. Lots of hugs, Vicki. xxx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Vicki! Am feeling better today, hurrah! Big cats are cute though ...