Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Minutes, burials and the Big City

Managed to do nearly a whole scene in Hallsfoot’s Battle last night, so it looks like I’m back in the saddle, hurrah. For now anyway. Meanwhile in the office there are no polylopes sweeping over the horizon today as far as I can see, so I kept my head down and got on with the Nursery Group minutes. Which I have more time to do as Lord H gave me a lift into work early as I’m off to London tonight, so don’t want to be bothering with the car.

Yesterday’s exciting news in the local rag was that there’s going to be a new natural burial ground in Godalming from the end of August – which apparently is being described as “the most exciting news in cemetery management for years”. Hmm, well, I suppose it would be. Though, actually, after initial laughter, I’m starting to think that being buried in a cardboard box with a wooden plaque, all of which are biodegradable, might well be a good idea. The nutrients produced go towards creating a natural area of beauty for plants and wildlife, and really what memorial could be better? Food for thought indeed. As it were. With these deep things in mind, I went for my usual stroll around campus at lunchtime – a plethora of ducks around today, Carruthers. Is there a Duck Conference going on?... I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tonight, I’m up in London seeing Jane W, so am hoping for a good chat and maybe an Indian. I’m just in the mood for it at the moment too. The only downside is the irritation of actually getting to London – honestly these days the train is such an effort.

And I’ve remembered to set the video for recording Boris Johnson on “Who Do You Think You Are?” – I couldn’t possibly miss that, being a die-hard Boris fan. It’s the hair, you know – I can resist it.

Today’s nice things:

1. Doing more to Hallsfoot
2. Burial thoughts(!)
3. Lunchtime strolls
4. Seeing Jane W
5. TV – and Boris!

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Jilly said...

I've always thought natural burials were a good idea - it's the ultimate in recycling if you think about it. There's a big woodland burial site just outside Norwich which is becoming increasingly popular. Nice to know it's catching on elsewhere as well.

Anne Brooke said...

I'd not heard of it before this week - it is certainly a great idea!

Good for Norwich.