Friday, July 18, 2008

Golf, Bones and righteous indignation

Today, I am utterly in love - with my new mobile. Lordy, but it's damn slick - or slicker than I'm used to. I've even worked out how to take pictures with it and have (yes!) done the sad one of Lord H and myself grinning like apes. I just have to work out how to upload the snaps to the computer now. I suspect that's a challenge for another day ...

Mind you, it's been confusing me too - this morning some of my previous messages I thought I'd wiped from my old phone came up again as new messages in the new one. So I was puzzled to hear Marian say she had to cancel golf. Dammit. However, a quick phone call back just to check told me she was even more confused about my call, so we did manage to hit the fairways (well, some of the time ...) in the usual way, hurrah! And I managed to play a steadier game this week as well, which was great. The highlight was getting a par on the last hole, result! Being the golf professional that I of course am, I waved my club in the air, danced around the green and screamed. I am indeed an arbiter of Golf Cool.

I then dashed round the shops and remembered to buy flowers and birdseed, not to mention the local paper. Um, there's nothing in it. As ever. And for the rest of the day, I've been continuing the second-round edit of The Bones of Summer. And, by George, I've actually ruddy finished it, double hurrahs! And I'm even fairly happy with it - which is in itself a minor miracle. Usually at this stage, I am convinced it's rubbish and is the worst book in the history of time. Perhaps I'll feel that later? Ah, no doubt, sigh ... So, I've now contacted another editor, Sarah Abel, who's been recommended to me, to see if she'll now do a thorough edit for me before I send it to John. Never say that this Essex Girl doesn't give her agent as thoroughly polished an MS as she can damn well make it.

And I've had quite a shocking telephone conversation with my Kentish friend - who is having the family crisis from hell. And it is not at all her fault and never bloody well has been. Sorry, just thought I'd say that, as I can't say anything else. All I can say is that if the person who made these ridiculous statements was in the room, I'd give said person a strong right hook and tell her to sling it. Bloody cheek indeed! My Kentish friend is the nicest woman I know, and anyone who says otherwise is a total idjit. I feel the phone will be hot tonight, Carruthers. Best get some cleaning done now then ...

Today's nice things:

1. My new mobile
2. Golf
3. Finishing Round 2 of Bones

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Unknown said...

Uploading pics is dead easy - it's like texting but instead of inputting a number input your email addy and hit send. It'll arrive in your inbox...

Anne Brooke said...

That's soooo weird!!! I'll try - thank you! Mind you, I'm rubbish at texting, so it may still be a challenge too far ...



Anonymous said...

I rather think I may just have acquired the same phone as you.

It's definitely a Nokia and it has a camera.

So far a total mystery - you are at least 3 stages ahead - but I've only had it a week...

This weekend's challenge maybe?

I am in awe of your editing speed - how quick is that?


Anne Brooke said...

Hi, Sarah! It's a Nokia 6300 and I highly sympathise! Though it does look cute. Lord H and I spent about an hour or so last night trying to work out how to email my one picture to the computer and we couldn't crack it. In the end, we used the Windows environment on Mac to upload it physically to the computer, saved it in a file there that's shared with the Mac and then cut and pasted it across.

Lordy, but I think I'll be using my actual camera in the future - a lot easier!!



PS To be fair, I do edit as I go along, and this is therefore about the 4th time of going through. But yes, I do write in a lull and edit in a frenzy!

S D Everington said...

Website looking good :)

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Shanta! Huge well dones on your top-class reviews. Flame authors rock, you know!!!