Monday, July 28, 2008

Heat, reflexology and birthdays

Jolly hot again today, Carruthers – what is the government up to? Really, I blame Gordon Brown. Well, he’s responsible for every other disaster, so no reason why he shouldn’t have this one too. However, there are rumours that it might be cooler tomorrow, and maybe rain too, so there’s hope. It might even be turning cloudier right now – or is that wishful thinking?

Anyway, joy and rejoicing in the office as Ruth is back from her campervan holiday, so we’ve spent a long time catching up. Apparently she has visited the whole of the UK, apart from East Anglia and Cornwall. Two of my favourite areas really. And the van survived the experience relatively intact, hurrah!

Had my reflexology appointment at lunchtime and felt super-chilled afterwards. Which was good as it got me through the long, hot walk back to the office. Hmm, maybe they should bring the appointments direct to me? Would certainly save having to walk back …

Met with the Induction Week Coordinator this afternoon, to try to get our Student Care stands sorted for the central presentations. I’m hoping I can round up enough people from the teams to provide a decent two-day cover, as otherwise it’ll be me, with my hair sticking up and a crazed look in my eye. Same as ever then.

And it’s the lovely Sally from Student Advice’s birthday (happy birthday, Sally!) so we had tea and cake with her at 3pm. My, how civilised we are in Surrey. Anyone would think that the Empire was never really lost …

Tonight, I’ll pop into see Gladys with her birthday present, as it’s later this week. She’ll be 93. I think. Well gosh. Only another 7 years to the telegram. Let’s hope the Queen hangs on for it then. And there’s the leftovers of yesterday’s nectarine crumble to tackle, mmmm … Am also hoping to do more to Hallsfoot’s Battle now I’ve got something of a head of steam up on it. Ho ho. But I mustn’t miss “New Tricks” on TV – Jack’s back, hurrah! And apparently being tempted with ice cream. Heck, in this weather, who isn’t?

Today’s nice things:

1. Ruth’s return
2. Reflexology
3. Birthday cake with Sally
4. Nectarine crumble
5. Writing
6. TV.

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