Monday, September 24, 2007

Ways to keep breathing x2

Hey, I’ve discovered a way to keep breathing when attempting to sleep whilst ill – if I get a bundle of spare pillows and pile them all up underneath, I don’t feel sick when I lie down as I’m so propped up that I might as well be sitting up anyway. Result! Which gives me one fairly good night’s sleep, better breathing and – sadly – a cricked neck. Ah well, there’s always a downside, eh … But never mind – it did the trick, so I don’t care. And I’m definitely doing that again the next time one of these nasty bouts rears its ugly head.

Scary moment on the way to work today – a couple of cars on the A3 had obviously bumped each other so were parked in the slow lane and exchanging details. Insults too – as I passed, the man standing up slammed his hands against the window of the other driver (still in his vehicle) and swore virulently at him. Lord but I hate these road rage moments – they’re soooo frightening. Yes, I know I should maybe have stopped but I’m way too much of a coward – and I was at least reassured by the fact that Angry Man was walking back to his own vehicle when I looked in my rear-view mirror. So at least he hadn’t murdered anyone. Yet. Ways to keep breathing for us all then …

I’ve also managed to contact the doctor’s today and have made an appointment for next Thursday, which was the earliest they could do. The new doctor to replace the weird religious one seems to be called Dr Pigeon. Which really can’t be true, can it? Maybe they’re making it up?? Lord knows. Anyway – it’s a woman, so I shall reserve judgement – sorry if that sounds sexist (it probably is) but the doctors who’ve always been super-nasty to me have been women, so I am cautious. We’ll see …

Anyway, today, I do feel better, so have gone into work loaded down with Lucozades and doing a lot of sad coughing. Well, it’s always worthwhile going for the sympathy vote. And this lunchtime I had to minute the care services steering group, so by heck I needed that vote. Though thank goodness the colleague who was so “disappointed” with me last week wasn't there. The bugger. Lucky for him, indeed.

Straight after that, I had a meeting with the Marketing guys (always a scary prospect) about producing a mini-guide to student care services. As ever, I don’t have any real idea what I’m talking about, but that’s never stopped us producing something, so let’s hope that whatever we come up with works.

Tonight, I’m planning to crack on with more sudokus – Lord but I’m starting to be obsessed with the little devils now – and I’ve videoed “The Sarah Jane Adventures” – the Doctor Who spin-off – as for some reason they’ve put it on at 5pm on a weekday. Don’t they know that adults want to watch it too?? Anyone over the age of 40 – male or female – is of course in love with Sarah Jane. Who wouldn’t be?!

Oh and good news on the writing front. In spite of my weekend, I’ve made it to 30,000 words on The Bones of Summer. Huzzah! I might even know something about what happens next. Now that would be a miracle.

Today’s nice things:

1. Feeling better
2. Getting a doctor’s appointment before 2008
3. Reliving my youth with Sarah Jane.

Anne Brooke
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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Glad you are on the mend Anne :-)

Found this'S+PRODUCTS

Tee Hee

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue!


Jan said...

Keep getting better.
For someone under the weather, you certainly dont let it get you down!
Hope Dr P passes with flying feathers( oops! sirry! I meant "colours"...)

Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee! Thanks, Jan!