Thursday, September 20, 2007

Submissions and Loose Women

Woke up to a rather annoying cold this morning - bummer, eh - so am dowsing myself with Lemsip and Nurofen Plus. The perfect combination. Consequently, I have been drooping round the flat this morning and doing writing work in my dressing gown. Something I normally never like doing. Still seem to have got the stuff done I was planning to though, which is at least cheering me up after this week's various disasters. Such stuff included preparing for next week's University Writers' Group meeting and the Goldenford meeting, both being on Tuesday. The launch of Irene Black's eBay book, Sold to the Lady with the Lime-Green Laptop is fast appraching, so there's loads to do. And it's well worth buying - it's a fun read with lots of wild pictures - so get your orders in now!

Not only that but I've submitted some poems to various competitions - and yes I knew I was going to ease down on this activity due to general cynicism about the whole literary world thang, but I felt strong enough to face it today so have taken the iron by the horns and heated it. Or some such twaddle. And at least it makes my spreadsheets look slightly more used. Hurrah.

Fuelled by that achievement, I have eaten my lunch in front of "Loose Women" on TV. Which is a pretty scary phrase by itself. But it's such a great programme and always makes me laugh - really, I should watch it more often. It makes everything - even me - seem relatively normal. For the remainder of this afternoon, I've written another 1,000 words to The Bones of Summer, and am about to draft a major turning-point scene - so I'd better let it fester for a while in my blood before attempting to tap that one out. Anyway, isn't it time for my smelling salts?

Later on, I've got counselling with Kunu - and I'm sure the air of her counselling room will be turning blue today as I rehash the traumas of the week. Poor Kunu. And I'm not looking forward much to next week at work either, I have to say. Oh God, but the world of work is just too bloody overwhelming at times. It really ought to get back in its pram and bloody well stay there. It interferes so with real life - or at least the real life being played constantly in my head - dammit.

Tonight, I've got another episode of "Who Do You Think You Are?" to look forward to, and I really must video "Mock the Week". Can't do without that essential guide to survival ... And I'm hoping for another pint or so of Lemsip and an early night.

Today's nice things:

1. Getting some submissions done
2. Watching "Loose Women"
3. Writing.

Anne Brooke
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slippingthroughtheworld said...

hey anne, keep yourself cozy over the weekend hen and nurse your cold with chocolate and hot wine/rum/port/whisky...and get more work out there earning its keep.


Irene Black said...

Oh! Irene in the world, eh? Who am I then? Irene out of this world? Nice thought...

Actually meant to say ta (as we'd say oop north) for the plug, Anne. I hate these build-up days to things, don't you? And like you, I've got a horrible sniffly cold. So I sympathise even more than usual. I really feel for you. Keep warm (and stay cool).

Irene (the unworldly one)

Jackie Luben said...

Sorry to hear about the horrid cold, Anne. Those awful students have a lot to answer for, giving you all this hassle and a cold into the bargain.

Get well soon.

Anne Brooke said...

So many Irenes - and every one of them delightful! - and the Jackies too of course!

I'm aiming for the chocolate/hot toddy student-free weekend - hurrah! Though I'm still hoping to play golf, so I must be mad really! But you knew that ...

And hope your cold is better soon, Irene (out of the World) - you can have extra chocolate too!