Thursday, June 07, 2007

Sick. Very sick ...

This will be a short blog, I'm afraid, as I'm sick. Having one of my nasty sinusy sessions again so was up all night last night, though I think maybe I did get about a couple of hours' sleep. Maybe. It's hard to tell as my brain is slush and I'm having trouble making any kind of logical connections. To anything.

Actually, it's a bit depressing, as I haven't had one of these bouts for a while, and I was beginning to hope. As you do. You know how it is. Or rather, it would be depressing, if I had the energy to be depressed. If you see what I mean. Bugger. This is dull. Sorry. Still, it's true to life, as I am excrutiatingly dull today and my head looks - and feels - like it's been put through a mangle backwards. And the mangle won.

On the plus side, I haven't been as toe-curlingly bad as I've been in the past, (though it was touch and go at one point this morning, I can tell you!) so maybe I can come out of this sooner rather than later. You never know. God, I hope so.

That said, I have had some more lucid moments - which found me early on in the night and then again this morning managing to get together a running order for the poems I've been asked to read at the Writewords ( inaugural London Literary Circle meeting on 3 July. Thanks, Jools, for asking me by the way - I'm really grateful. I'm hoping I might even sell one or two more poetry books at the event - you never know. It would be nice to have my sales of A Stranger's Table in double figures before I get to the latter side of the year for sure! For the reading, I've decided to concentrate on poems about religion, sex, lesbianism and depression. That should get 'em rolling the aisles. Possibly trying to escape ...

For the rest of the day, I've cancelled everything - though honestly it's been quite hard to talk as it just makes my sinuses worse. Dammit. Oh God, groan, moan - get over yourself, Brookie, already! Sorry ... Anyway, so no counselling with Kunu, no lunch with Robin and no theatre tonight - though I'm happy for Lord H to go on his own, I suspect he might end up staying in. Oh, and no food. Don't do food at the moment. Nasty, rotten stuff.

And no writing - Craig remains trapped at the breakfast table with Paul. Possibly forever, poor bugger. He's still enjoying the view though. Thank goodness.

Have watched crap TV most of the night - was glued to the wedding stories thingy on at midnight. I'm so glad the lesbian wedding managed to go ahead (don't listen to the voices, Val - you know Lisa loves you ...), though I'm now really worried about the two gay nightclub owners - will they ever be able to afford the rings? It's a mystery. My crap TV viewing has also continued through the day - though I have to say "Loose Women" at lunchtime was great. Haven't seen that one before. Must see it again. It raised my sadly depleted interest levels and stopped me thinking about myself for a second or two. Now, there's a novelty - I'm sure Lord H wishes he knew how to make me do that more often ...

I'm not convinced I'll be sleeping any better tonight either. We'll see.

Today's nice things (oh God - do I really have to do this??? Oh well, here goes ...):

1. Um, thinking about poetry
2. The lesbian wedding
3. Loose Women.

Anne Brooke


Cathy said...

Have you ever tried the New Era Combination Q remedy for catarrh and sinus disorders? Homeopathic stuff from Holland and Barrett. My husband swears by it for his sinus problems.

hope you feel better soon


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks so much, Cathy - really appreciate it. I have tried New Era stuff in the past, but not Combination Q, I think - will look out for that one next time I'm in town.

I do have various other things I do, including a light steroid solution which the doctor gives me (and which I should really have kicked in earlier in the week but I wasn't paying attention, more fool me ...!). It just takes a couple of days to ease off, damm it!

Will put Q on my list for sure though - thank you!



Jackie Luben said...

Very sorry to hear you're so poorly, Anne. Is there nothing else they can do for you - drain the sinuses or something.

Hope you'll be better very quickly.


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Jackie - bit better today, thank goodness!

Yes, they've done that in the past, so it is better than it was! I'll see how I go though - thanks for your concern.



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Sorry you're feeling lousy Anne - that's so painful :-(.

Loose Women is great - reminds me of 'House Party' from the olden days but updated.

Get better soon.