Monday, June 04, 2007

Reiki and gin

Groan. Back to work today. Honestly, it’s not that the job is horrible – it isn’t – but the weight of despair that lies on one’s back on the dreaded Return to Work Day gets worse with age. I used to be okay about this in my 20s, even though the jobs I had then were utter and insurmountable crap, but now even the thought of it has me pinned to my bed, dragging my feet round the flat and weeping in Lord H’s arms before the dreaded 8.30am occurs. Lordy, but what an eventful morning indeed. Still, at least Lord H is used to this kind of thing, and reminded me that I am entitled to gin tonight if I survive the day without screaming and gibbering in a corner. Hmm, as of the time of writing, there are still five hours to go though. Hope I make it …

I have however managed to deal with all my outstanding emails before the noon-tide hour arrived, so am basking in Appropriate Secretarial Smugness (ASS for short …). I have also managed to sound normal and non-weepy when asked about how the holiday went – so am definitely deserving of tonight’s gin. And I remembered biscuits (from Sandringham, dahlings – of course!) for the office, so I have ticked all the right First Day Back boxes, hurrah. I’ve been good too and only had a Fruit Shrewsbury biscuit (which I don’t really like), so will rapidly be promoted to Food Martyr Status Level A. Double hurrah. Don’t wait up though – as I suspect I’ll succumb to a Chocolate Chip one soon. Damn and double damn - this afternoon all the ruddy chocolate chip biscuits were gone!!! I live in an office of gannets and vultures for sure!

This lunchtime, I had my first ever Reiki healing session – thought it might get me over the Day One hump. As it were. I’ve asked Emma (therapist) if it might make me 6 foot & blonde, but she appeared doubtful. Ah well, dreams are free, eh? Actually, it was really good – I felt very relaxed this afternoon. I could certainly feel the energy levels whizzing round. Emily said she had a strong vision of the colour red while she was doing her stuff. Can’t say that surprises me – it’s always been my colour. Darn it!

And I’ve been extra-whizzy and chased all the Faculty-to-be admin people begging for a Student Care Services slot in their induction week programmes – not sure I’ll get much response, but two seem keen already. Phew! We should get some kind of outing for our new DVD then … but sadly I don’t appear on it. Cries of relief from the crowds indeed.

Tonight, Lord H is out at theology (the 17th century & Cromwell – handy then!) class and I’m planning to do more to The Bones of Summer – I really have to get Craig & Paul beyond their first night together and into the family disaster/crime part as otherwise my head is in danger of exploding. Not a pretty sight then. And, at the very least, Paul does deserve breakfast, poor chap. He did have such a rough time in Maloney’s Law after all.

Ooh, and there’s a repeat of “New Tricks” on TV later on, so will probably watch that, and try to make a dent in the ironing at the same time. That’ll raise the level of my wife points. Surely?

And I’ve just finished Ansley Vaughan’s ( very raunchy e-novel, A Personal Statement – really enjoyed it, so thanks, Ansley! The naughty (oo-err, missus!) side of Parliament (question: is there any other side??!) is always good to see, and the two male leads were great. Also loved Jack Wickham – and hope there’ll be more of him – and Pascal – soon?

Oh, and I wrote a piece of flash fiction for the Writewords ( challenge - the rules were to have something bovine with the word "blue" in it:


The tension in the room could be felt by even the most unreconstructed chauvinist. ‘Bull’s-eye!’ yelled Jackie, as the dart flew home. ‘Got it!’ The air around her turned blue as several hardened drinkers – male of course – swore at the humiliation. Surely they would never be able to hold up their heads in Barnsley again.

Oh, and I had the gin. It was grand, thanks.

Today’s nice things:

1. Reiki
2. Gin
3. Ansley’s book.

Anne Brooke


Lynda Lippin said...

Glad the reiki helped relax you (or was it the gin?)

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Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Lynda - probably both actually!!