Saturday, June 16, 2007

Facebook, golf and time travel

Am feeling very modern today - have finally set up an account on Facebook ( last night, so have at last entered the modern world. Mind you, I don't have many friends on it yet - 3 so far to be precise - so if anyone out there is on Facebook and prepared to take pity on me, please do. I'd be very grateful.

Meant to be very literary this morning, but have done sod all - sorry. Might do some writing later on, but will have to see how it goes. I did do a little more to The Bones of Summer last night, so am feeling more enthused about it now, thank God. I was beginning to think I'd run out of steam. But I have started Chapter Two, and even typed the words, "Chapter Three", so there's hope for it yet. I think Craig is going to be like Simon in The Gifting - subtle and someone who matures with time, or rather typing. There are so many ideas about it running through my head, it will be interesting to see which of them turns up on the page. Sometimes, I do wish I could be one of these sensible writers, who plans to the enth degree and knows what's going to happen before I type it, but I'm just not. I guess I have to live with that. At least it's never dull, eh?

Golf with Marian & Siegi this afternoon - we had a great time, though our golf was crap and it pissed it down during four of the holes. How I hate the rain when I'm golfing! I just can't concentrate when my golf gloves are wet through and the rain is dripping off my cap. But lunch at Marian's was fab - spaghetti bolognese and loads of really good chat, so that cheered me. We'd nipped home to change before going to Marian's - as we were soaked through - and I decided to wear a light green top I don't wear very often (I am, as you know, the Queen of dark clothes which hide me from the world ...) - and Marian was very impressed. She asked me why I didn't wear that kind of thing more often, and when I told her, expressed surprise that someone with my strong personality and opinions would want to hide away at all. Strong personality and opinions??? And there was I thinking I was such a sweet young thing ... Ho ho. Shows what I know then. Marian did ask again about church though - so I just said we weren't going for a while, and were seeing how we felt over the summer. When I do go to church again - and I feel I will, in time - I'm definitely not going to get involved with it. That way madness lies - as Lear would say ... I simply want to be pew fodder and leave the commitment stuff behind. It's just too damaging otherwise.

Anyway, we spent ages at Marian's, but managed to get back in time for "Dr Who", which was fantastic!! How I wish I could time-travel - it would be so great. And would mean you could get away from people you didn't want to see or talk to, or meetings you didn't want to be in at work. Wonderful. And it was also a delight to see The Master back again. I was sooooo in love with him when I was younger. Which of course may explain why I write the books I do - I do so love the evil, dark side of life. I would probably have got on very well with Macbeth (nice bloke - knows his own mind. What more could you want in a man?...). And if someone could tell me who the glorious (younger) bloke was who played the regenerated Master in "Dr Who", I'd be very grateful - he was seriously hot.

For the rest of tonight, I will try and do some more writing, but I'm hoping for a relatively early night too, as I'm absolutely knackered. Too many late nights during this week, and my eyes have their own suitcase. Each.

Today's nice things:

1. Golf
2. Lunch
3. TV

Anne Brooke


Anonymous said...

Wet golf. Lovely. I remember when my dad used to play and if it was raining and he had to come home we would stand arms crossed waiting for him with a 'told you so' look on our faces.

All in good spirits mind, it was our family joke.

Can't help with the Doctor Who query, missed it last night as we were out and forgot to tape it - double dafty.

Will have to find when it's repeated. (There is a plus side to repeats after all.)

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Poor dad! And apparently, it was John Simm - from Life on Mars!!