Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Secretarial City and anniversary cakes

Madness in the office today – though a kind of organised, fairly contained madness, which was nice. I do so love it when there’s a secretarial panic on – it makes it all worthwhile. Anyway, I rushed around in a fairly logical way organising a meeting for tomorrow with the Guildford School of Acting, who want to come in to talk about our Freshers’ Week DVD script ideas. This meant throwing myself on the mercy of the adorable Helen from Catering – where would I be without her? – who rushed around and got me a room, the required numbers of glasses and biscuits too. What an angel.

Not only that, but we’re also doing a massive photocopy for next week’s Mentoring Board, which all has to be in hard copy. Don’t ask me why – as it seems most odd to me as these days I email 99% of stuff out, thank goodness. But for some reason, with this one, we have to photocopy for Britain (something to make an Olympic sport perhaps?... and yes I do hate that logo too ...) and then hand-deliver round the campus. What joy! Still, at least it gets us out of the office – usually – as this time I won’t have to do the hand-delivering, as I won’t be in on Friday. Ah well. So I am simply the Photocopying Queen.

Ooh, and as tomorrow is my third year anniversary at the University, I’ve bought cakes for the office for today. Which – hurrah! – include some utterly gorgeous chocolate chip cookies which are like heaven in the mouth (sorry, too poetic by far, I realise – but I felt I had to emote at this point) and make up 1000% for missing out on my chocolate chip biscuit earlier in the week. Ha! And it also means I am Mrs Popular for a while. More hurrahs.

Other work excitements - we've all got a wedding invitation from Carol (who marries Mike in August), which I'm thrilled about. So I shall have to get Lord H to buy me another frock - and maybe even a hat! I love hats. But rarely wear 'em. Sadly, I do look best in the kind of hats worn by the Cavaliers during the Civil Wars, but I fear that won't suit at all ...

Did my back exercise class at lunchtime – I do enjoy it. It makes me almost feel like a normal person doing normal things. Astonishing really. The tutor is pleased with me as I appear to be improving. Or maybe she’s feeling kinder, as I am the class no-hoper after all. In a fit of enthusiasm, I have actually purchased an exercise band from her so I can (no, don’t laugh … as I know perfectly well this won’t happen …) continue my good work during the week. Naturally, I have purchased the weakest strength version as I am so utterly pathetic at pulling the darn thing in any direction – which turns out to be Medium Strength, as the Wimp Strength is only for toddlers. Sigh. Seems ageist to me. But I am cheered with the fact that the Medium Strength band comes in a fetching shade of green, which goes charmingly with my eyes. Ho ho.

Oh and, groan, the boss brought his small child in today at lunchtime – which always makes me feel twitchy as I don’t like children, especially when I’m not prepared for them. Still, I managed to make a fairly good job of politely ignoring the alien in our midst until the boss took the child away and attempted to get us all to say bye-bye to it. Honestly, I don’t like to be prejudiced, but what is it about parents that makes so many of them turn from reasonable people who allow others their likes and dislikes into people who assume that you will actually want to relate in any way to their offspring? And, while I'm on the subject, why do parents put on funny voices when speaking to the little people anyway? It’s a mystery to me. The upshot was that when chivvied along to say bye-bye to Small Child, I must admit I didn’t play up to the role, instead simply smiling in a strained fashion and turning away. Hell, I’m in my forties now – I don’t have to pretend. And yes, there are some little people I’m quite fond of (few and far between, and possibly fewer than my friends with children actually imagine …), but only because I’ve got to know them better as people, not because they’re children per se. And I still wouldn’t want to be with one on my own – so, if you’re reading, ignore the soft spot I have for Charlotte & Sam, and don’t put me on your child-minding list, Jane H – honestly!!...

Sigh - the London Magazine has sent me a sharp, no-nonsense note rejecting my poetry offering. Actually I'm not really that bothered as I didn't expect any interest - it was a wild-card shot over the bows in the first place, as I know I'm way too 'umble for their 'igh-class clientele (ooh I say, pass the caviare, do, Carruthers ...). But they could at least have been friendly. Buggers, eh?

Tonight, Lord H is out shopping as it’s his turn, and I plan to ring Pauline (hello, Pauline – if you’re reading this, I’ll be ringing you sometime, I hope), my Kent friend. Am also hoping to get some more done to The Bones of Summer as Craig is feeling twitchy at being stuck where he currently is. Though, rest assured, he thinks the view is good … Hmm, Lord preserve us – pretentious twaddle, we say! I am rapidly becoming a fictionalised element in my own autobiography. Ye gods, somebody pass me a reality pill.

Oh, and I'm not feeling too good - double bugger. Am snorting like an old horse and sounding pathetic. Hmm, no change there then.

Today’s nice things:

1. Secretarial busyness – hurrah!
2. The wedding invitation
3. Anniversary cakes!

Anne Brooke

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