Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Someone pass the smelling salts ...

... but I think I feel worse today. Good-oh. I think I might also be fast approaching the state of losing the ability to speak entirely. This morning's communication with Lord H before he went to work was a series of grunts only, but I think I gave him to understand that I might need more Lemsips and tissues when he goes shopping tonight. I'll have to see what he brings back - if it's fabric softener and peanuts, I'll know I need more practice.

So, more crap TV today. With a hint of sudoku. I watched my DVD of "Fourplay" which is supposed to be a romantic comedy, but which is actually a load of bollocks. Even Colin Firth looked bored. I cared about none of the four leads to be honest, though their houses were very nice. Oh, and I did a fair amount of sleeping, but no eating. Bloody hell, but I'm a cheap (if dull) date. Or would be if going out was an option. It was a shame that missing work today meant missing my lunchtime reflexology appointment too, and tonight I was also supposed to be seeing my kinesiologist, but am self-evidently not. Dahlings, I'm too ill to attend my alternative health appointments ... which reminds me of the time in our pre-married days when Lord H lived in Colliers Wood (near Wimbledon): I'd been staying the weekend and had been planning to attend his local church's healing service on Sunday evening, but in the event was too ill to go. Irony's a wonderful thing.

Things that happened today which were different from yesterday: um, bath-time was half-an-hour later, at 3pm, and I couldn't be arsed to wash my hair? That's probably about it really. Which means I look like one of those "Before" adverts for the next miracle shampoo, or possibly the downtrodden female lead in one of those 1950s kitchen sink dramas. Except my slippers are more tasteful. Probably.

Today's nice things:

1. Um, err, I finished a sudoku,
2. Had a nice, if disorientating, nap, and
3. Work are being nice, bless 'em.

Anne Brooke

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