Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wasp city

God, it's a day for the bloody wasps today. Wasn't feeling too great this morning, so had a lie-in and a slow start. Managed to have a bath, thank the Lord, before the first evil beast dive-bombed me at breakfast. Then had to get dressed whilst holding another one at bay - not an easy task, I assure you. Which explains why I look like I've been flung together by a Trinny & Susannah reject right now. The last straw was another one on the attack while I was attempting to put my make up on. I gave up at that point and sat outside the flat on the communal stairs and rang Lord H, asking him to come home for lunch so he could sort it out.

Lord H turned up on his white charger an hour later, which meant at least I could put my shoes on while he stood guard. We found 5 dead bodies, and three more live ones. Curses. He then brown-taped every gap we could find in the walls (it's an old house ...) to try to stop them coming in. We think they might be dropping out of the trapdoor to the flat roof, though it's hard to be sure.

Anyway, I went to lunch with Robin when Lord H left - heck, it was good to be out of the flat - but I am now back, typing this in the dark whilst wearing my coat and fingerless gloves just in case I have to do a runner if another of the stripy demons turns up. Thank goodness I'm away this weekend on retreat in Bristol - Lord H will have to deal with them, or maybe ring our usual wasp man if things get nasty. I sooooooooooooooooooo hate wasps. They're evil bastards.

Tonight, we're out at the Glyndebourne Touring Opera's version of Britten's "The Turn of the Screw". So that might cheer me up. Hmm, maybe not ...

Oh, and I've had some positive and interesting comments from the Writewords ( site on my poem, "Black cloud", which has been uplifting. But, as you can tell, no writing has been done - though I have sent off my monthly poetry submission to the next magazine on my list and tried to drum up some interest in "Maloney's Law". Again. With little success. Ah well.

Today's nice things:

1. Lunch with Robin
2. The opera.

Anne Brooke


dead sea princess said...

Hi,maby its can be interest for u !

Anne Brooke said...

Hi, dsp! I can't swim either!! Least of all with wasps about!