Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reviews galore and a day in the country

Seemed to be loads of little jobs to do before the day really got started today (why are some mornings just like that??), but I managed to squeeze in a meditation poem:

Meditation 204

A faith that glistens
in the eyes

of your friends
slips through

your fingers,
does not glide

into skin:
a halfway house

between saints
and men

that gives
a promise of hope,

joins our now
with then.

I'm also very pleased to say that Book Utopia Mum has given Painting from Life a very positive review at Book Utopia Reviews. Thank you hugely for that - it's much appreciated.

Not only that but the lovely Clare London has uploaded three reviews on my work at the Goodreads site. Firstly there's A Dangerous Man:

"Excellent read, though dark and very edgy. Michael is all-consuming, totally fascinating. Both victim and ambitious, though he'll always be trapped by his background. Can't say much more without spoilers! But it's a treat to read. Great prose, it slides deliciously in and out of Michael's own mind and emotions, taking you with it, no holds barred. Great UK setting and a lovely slice of the art world and the anguish/joy of art itself."

Secondly, there's a review of Maloney's Law:

"Blew me away, a stunning mix of mystery and melodrama and one man's journey through a period of his life when everything seems a struggle. It's not heavy, though there are shocking scenes and strong adult themes. Paul's charm and determination carries the book, he's a great mix of strength and sensitivity and the perfect 'eyes' for the mature plot. Written with wit and excellently clear, entertaining prose."

And thirdly and lastly, here's Clare's take on The Bones of Summer:

"Excellent combination of mystery and romance. Loved the UK setting especially and the gritty, modern feel that gave it. Paul follows on from Maloney's Law, still the tortured, complex, fascinating man. Craig is new and a great counterpoint, lively, confused, sexy, needy, brave. The sex scenes are very fresh and hot, the dialogue realistic, and Craig's wit enchanting!"

Triple gosh and big big hugs to you, Clare - thank you so much! I'm extremely grateful indeed.

All of which has set me up nicely for a day in the country with Mother. The Old Gal is chugging along nicely - speaking of which, she's planning a holiday later in the year on the Manchester Ship Canal. It wouldn't be my first choice, but hey there's no accounting for mothers. We managed to fit in a walk in the afternoon as well so we could help her deliver the church magazines, although I was deeply traumatised by one of the people in the road exclaiming with astonishment when he saw us: "Gosh! You must be mother and daughter - you look so alike!" What can I say?? Obviously a man who needs his eyes thoroughly testing. There is NO WAY on this planet that my mother and I are alike IN ANY SENSE. At all. There. That's that sorted then ... Lord H meanwhile remains tactfully silent on the matter ...

Curious things passed on the motorway queue on the way to Mother's: a truck with Caution: Racing Pigeons emblazoned across it. Surely it would be quicker for them to fly??

Curious thoughts discussed whilst on the motorway on the way back from Mother's: why are houses always named in such obvious fashions? Why can't you have The Old Whorehouse or Brothel Cottage or Slaughter Manor? Ah, it's tempting, so tempting ...

Today's nice things:

1. Four book reviews, no less!
2. Poetry
3. Surviving Mother (Gawd bless 'er ...)
4. Lazy pigeons
5. Curious housenames.

Anne Brooke - happy to be read
Painting from Life: not just a load of old brushes

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