Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day in the country

Am thrilled to say that Connections, my erotic flash fiction piece, has been accepted for publication by Babel Fruit Journal, so that's hugely pleasing - many thanks, Richard!

I've also read the latest edition of Equinox Poetry Journal, where I particularly enjoyed Ann Drysdale's The Shadow of the Moon (all about endings and beginnings, in lots of ways), Denise Bennett's marvellous Quaker Meeting (about the magic of silence), John Enright's Listening in Florida (taking a very satirical view of highways), Abegail Morley's Blackberry Picking (where nature is more sinister than first expected) and Tom Gilliver's Poem xvii (which looks at that unbridgeable gap between the idea and the realisation, dammit). Great stuff.

The rest of the day has been spent with our friends in Kent, helping to celebrate Pauline's special birthday (28 years old with 22 years' experience, naturally ...) and generally having a very very good time. We chatted for ages, had a great lunch out, saw round the school where she works and went for a high-powered (or at least high speed!) walk in the woods. Plus I was very brave and met her dog for the first time - I'm not by nature a great fan of dogs, and Max is a long-haired German Shepherd, so a big dog too. But actually he was fine and didn't (a) do that horrible jumping up thing - yuk, or (b) try to lick my face - double yuk. So I have warmed to him, my dears. Soon we will be corresponding by canine mail and the next thing you know we'll be booking a holiday together ... You heard it here first.

Today's nice things:

1. Flash fiction acceptance
2. Poetry magazines
3. Visiting friends
4. Unscary dogs.

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