Monday, August 31, 2009

Reviews, books and battles

How I love the bank holidays. We've been super lazy today and not done a thing which is bliss. Here's this morning's poem:

Meditation 212

The river
flows into salt,
its freshness lost.

And the tongue
forgotten languages

forged in wind
and flame
for a while.

I'm really thrilled to say that the lovely Jilly has given The Bones of Summer a very good review on her website today which you can read here. Thanks so much, Jilly - glad you enjoyed the book!

Not only that, but she's kindly put up a five-star review on Amazon UK as well, so double thanks for that also. You can read that one here. So that's a very big smile on my face this bank holiday for sure.

Keeping to the topic of books, I've read Sarah Stonich's The Ice Chorus, which is a very powerful and poetic story about a holiday affair and the changes it brings to the heroine's life. I'm hoping to review it for Vulpes Libris after I've finished tackling my current editing, so I won't say much. But I certainly experienced the whole range of emotions in my reaction to the heroine - sometimes I wanted to slap her very very hard, and sometimes her story made me weep. Goodness me indeed.

Meanwhile I'm trucking slowly onwards with the edit to Hallsfoot's Battle. Interesting how the changes are bringing the focus more firmly onto Annyeke. Which is a good thing, to my mind. Lots more to come however, so we're not out of the woods yet.

This afternoon, I caught up with the latest on Ugly Betty, and tonight I'm hugely looking forward to Part Two of Wuthering Heights on TV. Part One yesterday was utterly gripping and I loved it. Funny how Heathcliff is indeed such a monster and yet I so desperately want him to win, even with knowing what happens. The actor is just so perfect in that part. Wonderful stuff.

Today's nice things:

1. Bank holidays
2. Poetry
3. Reviews for Bones
4. Books
5. Editing Hallsfoot
6. TV.

Anne Brooke: roaming through the moors of ... um ... Surrey
A Dangerous Man: almost as scary as Heathcliff and probably twice as deranged ...

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