Friday, August 28, 2009

Editing, sleep and the big night skies

Well, we thoroughly enjoyed Walking with Dinosaurs last night - a magnificent show indeed and very well done. Stars of the show were the great beasts themselves of course, but the way the plant life burst out of the stage at various points was grand too. The only big down-side was the fact that we were over half an hour late due to the fact that the M25 was shut and everything in the south came to a sympathetic standstill. Which made an hour's journey into a grand 2.5 hours and was extremely dull. Not to mention frustrating. On the way we passed no less than four accidents and were passed in turn by a very very slow-moving fire engine. One hopes it got there before the fire gave up. All of which probably made it into National Traffic Queueing Day, and the country will be celebrating its anniversary for years to come. Anyway, people were arriving late all the way through the show (which matters very little due to the nature of Wembley Arena). But the people I was really sorry for were the young family who finally crawled into their seats in front of us looking thoroughly bedraggled and traffic-beaten about 10 minutes before it actually ... um ... ended. Tough explaining that one to the young children in tow ...

Anyway, to today. And there's a poem, and it's the first day of reading Acts:

Meditation 209

it is necessary

to advance,
pour forth

the needs
of the moment,

demand satisfaction.
At other times

there is nothing
to do

but wait
under empty skies,

trusting in a promise
you no longer see.

For most of the day I've been editing Hallsfoot's Battle and am quite pleased with progress. I've now come to a section of more complicated editing so I'll leave it until I feel fresher, I think. After that and worn out from all the excitement of the past few days, I've managed to fit in a much-needed nap. Which turned out to be a whole two hours, so Lordy but I must have needed it.

Tonight, Lord H and I are out at the University's Great Look Up event, as he's something of a fan of the night sky and I think it should be interesting. Mind you, I'll try and avoid the barbecue, I think - I'm not a great fan of raw meat in the open air. If I want to eat badly-cooked food, I'd prefer to do it indoors ...

Today's nice things:

1. Poetry
2. Editing progress
3. Napping
4. The night sky.

Anne Brooke: head in the clouds as usual
Thorn in the Flesh: a definitive night-time read


Lorix said...

Glad you enjoyed the show even if you did arrive late! Traffic, it's a nightmare at times!!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Lori! Maybe we should have gone by helicopter, tee hee!