Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Web Queen

Have spent all morning doing web stuff and marketing for the SCS site – apparently we’re going to have a whizzy new system next year that we can do far more exciting things on, so hurrah for that! In the meantime, I need to tidy up my pages and get rid of my hidden items for good if I don’t really need them. Groan! I hate deleting information so have been hiding things for four years. So I suspect I have rather a lot of web housekeeping to do. Good job I’m not like that in the flat then … Much.

Actually, I do find the thought of a whole new web system to learn and play round in a very exciting prospect – which probably goes to show just how sad and secretarial I really am.

On top of all that, we’ve also decided to produce a Mini-Guide to our care services for students – on the back of the new Big Guide to the university. Might give us more of an obvious presence on campus, which can only be a good thing. And a chance to spend our marketing budget – hurrah! Bloody hell, yes, it’s official – I am sad.

Managed to have a look at the latest exhibition at the Art Gallery during lunch – though I can’t say I was that taken by the pictures. None of them made me stop, though they were pleasant enough.

Oh, and Jay Mandal has finally collected his books left over from the July Writers' Conference, so we have cupboard space once more. Which in a flat this size, we definitely need.

I also think I'm giving up on getting anyone to take my article on women writing gay male fiction - not that I've tried many outlets, to be honest, as I don't know many, but there've been no bites, and I don't have the energy to pursue it. To be frank. Shame, as I do think it's an interesting subject, especially as I'm being contacted by more and more women who are actually writing in that genre. Perhaps one of them will be more successful in their efforts to be heard. One can only hope so. And apologies to the bevy of wonderful writers who gave me their wisdom - sorry I couldn't seem to spark any interest from outside, gals ...

Tonight, Lord H is at the village hall committee, and I’m planning to do more to The Bones of Summer. Must read through my exciting new character studies before I start – and then I might know where I’m going. Ho ho. And I mustn't forget "Outnumbered" on TV tonight, though whether I have the energy for the dreadful "Gavin & Stacey" as well remains to be seen.

Today’s nice things:

1. The thought of a new web system
2. Spending the marketing budget
3. Writing.

Anne Brooke
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Cathy said...

Why not publish your article yourself on the web? Could it be included on your website? Publicise it via MySpace, Facebook etc!

I'm sure lots of people would be interested to read it. I certainly would.


Anne Brooke said...

Good idea! I will have a think re how to do it! Thank you!



Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Oh Eh! a Village Hall Committee. It makes me think of the Vicar of Dibley - no, no, no, no ...... :-)

Anne Brooke said...

Worse, I think, Sue!!!