Monday, September 17, 2007

Freshers, poems and Hollywood stars

Well, they’re here. The campus is full of confused-looking students clutching maps and frowning. Lordy, but how it takes me back. I absolutely and utterly hated my own Freshers’ Week up in Durham about 120 years ago now – I seem to remember I spent most of it sobbing and wondering how I could escape. Well, really, can you imagine it? – I was forced to meet people, go out in the evenings and look as if I was having fun whilst doing it. Three of my Worst Nightmare Scenarios – at the same time. The relief when my Freshers’ Week was over and I could actually get down to doing some study (bliss!) was indescribable. I can only hope that now our new first years have a better time.

Anyway, first thing this morning, Ruth and I were out treading the campus and placing stickers on walls and floors and pavements to try to explain how to get to Registration. Then from Registration to Health Registration. Then from Health Registration to Library Registration. And if they manage to do all that, then they definitely deserve a beer or two at the bar tonight. But – alas – we have no stickers for that route, so they’ll just have to find their own way there. And back.

I have to say though that there are certainly some rather good-looking young gentlemen in this year’s intake – which lightens the load somewhat. Though I suspect that this is definitely showing my age … Anyone for a pre-menopausal flush?!?...

Mind you, the first Freshers’ Week mini-crisis has already occurred – we’ve decided against using the DVD at our presentations as nobody seems to like it much. Sigh. I’m hoping the Faculties will forgive me for hassling them for huge amounts of DVD equipment over the last two months, but I think I won’t mention it till the week is over. I’d like to survive to the weekend at least. On the plus side, it does mean that I won’t have to do so much running around trying to make the DVDs work, as they won’t be using them, aha!

As a result, I managed to fit in my lunchtime session of Reflexology, which was wonderful. Sadly, I can’t go again for another four weeks, due to meetings, holidays, general lack of time etc etc. Lordy, but I’m going to miss it.

Had to do the shopping after work as well, so my Monday of Freshers’ Week Pimm's will be that much more appreciated when I finally get to it. And on the publication front, PD Publishing have already contacted me to discuss the cover for Maloney’s Law. So I’ve sent them some ideas for it, as approved by Lord H (he’s very good at pictures), and here’s hoping we can, between us, come up with something that’ll help sell the book. I’ve always had quite a vivid picture of Paul Maloney in my head and the closest to it in the world of Hollywood stars just has to be Jake Gyllenhaal. Heck, no wonder I enjoyed writing the novel – wouldn’t you?!?… I’m actually rather excited about the whole thing now, and am – so far – enjoying the process more than last time. Let’s hope it lasts!

Oh and here’s a poem:


You draw a triangle
on empty paper,
pen forming
deep confident strokes

which make me feel
innocent again.
It's almost a tree,
the lowest points easing out

into what could be a pot
or the earth itself
if you drew it.
‘That is what I see,’

you say, ‘when I touch you.
That is what I see.’

Today’s nice things:

1. Surviving Monday of Freshers’ Week
2. Thinking about the Maloney’s Law cover
3. Poetry.

Anne Brooke
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Anonymous said...

I've never been a fresher, more a stale old tart.

Great to hear the book is progressing with the graphics!!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Nonsense, Sue! You're the freshest tart in the packet, tee hee!