Thursday, September 27, 2007

More minuting and the Big City

That Sudafed Vapour Plug was quite good last night, I thought – I certainly breathed more easily, though I didn’t sleep that much (too much Lucozade, I imagine …). I’m definitely using that again. An early rise this morning, as Lord H kindly gave me a lift to work as I’m up in London this evening and it’s easier to walk to the station, rather than have to worry about the car.

Still, it’s weird to be at work on a Thursday though – I’m such a creature of routine. I think it’s confused the rest of the office too. The fun news about today though is that the boss brought in chocolate to cheer us up post-post-Freshers’ Week. Hurrah! Apparently it’s the new process in dealing with negative feedback – anyone who gets anything bad said about them gets chocolate. Almost worthwhile being irritating to get that feedback then!

This lunchtime, I minuted the first of the new Student Induction Group meetings, which is always scary until you know who the heck people are. And what we’re supposed to be talking about. Still, neither of those have ever stopped me producing something before, no matter how off-the-wall. Maybe it’s time for more chocolate indeed. Funny though how once I’d established my position round the table and got my scarf wrapped round my neck and my tissues in place, everyone gravitated away to a healthier position to avoid catching anything ...

Tonight, I’m up to London seeing Jane W for drinks and maybe a curry. If I can take it – haven’t been eating that much recently really. I hope I’m not too late back, as I could really do with an attempt at some sleep. And in the meantime no writing is getting done, but I’ll aim to try for a few sluggish sentences over the weekend. I hope.

Today’s nice things:

1. The vapour plug
2. Chocolate
3. Seeing Jane W.

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