Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bones and Proms

Lord H and I did a slow dash round Waitrose today to get supplies in for tonight's Last Night of the Proms' party at Liz's. There was a queue getting into the carpark as we all waited to get our parking tickets, which we duly had signed off by the check-out girl. Only to discover that someone had nicked the barrier on the way out, so everyone was just driving straight through. There being no staffed barrier on a weekend of course. Goodness me, but how criminal Godalming is becoming ...

Lord H has spent the day in Pulborough Brooks, so I hope he'll come back shortly to regale me with tales of all sorts of wild and wonderful birds he's spotted. In the meantime, I've squeezed out another 1,000 words to The Bones of Summer, thus taking me to the grand total of 22,000. Or thereabouts. And it was a squeeze at the start, I can tell you - took me ages to get going, and I had to play three online Solitaire games (as you do) before I could even write a word. But things got easier as I warmed up. Thank God. It's a funny old game.

I've then caught up on my video viewing - with "Heroes", the last episode of "Outnumbered" and "Who Do You Think You Are?" (with Natasha Kaplinski) all on my personal afternoon programme. And all rivetting stuff. In very different ways. I do so love these social/personal history programmes - it really brings the past alive, even if you're not part of that particular family.

And talking of families (and if I even dare to say this ...), is anyone but me slightly jaded with the whole McCann Media Circus, as it rolls on? And on. And ... um ... on. (Pause for hate mail, I fear, but hey at least I'm being honest). And is it just me or is it getting more like a Jodi Picoult novel by the second?? Lord H's and my working theory (for what it's worth) is that the twins did it, as they're the only ones left at whom the finger of suspicion has not yet been pointed. Mind you, Picoult will probably have them being the ones that did it and the parents covering up. Well, you would, wouldn't you. I also object to everyone saying that Mrs M couldn't possibly have done it as she's so very nice and caring. Well, excuse me, but people who kill don't have to be nasty, you know (and please note at this point that I'm not - repeat not - accusing anyone; I'm simply making a general statement!), and violent crime doesn't have to be carried out by people with narrow eyes and a creepy laugh. Equality for all, you know. Nice people kill too. In fact, as I'm sure I've said on here before, everyone's capable of violence, sometimes extreme violence, and I would view with suspicion anyone who claims they aren't. We're all human.

Anyway, tonight Lord H and I are off to Liz's for her Last Night of the Proms party, and I will endeavour to ensure that, even in my current PMT (now that's scary!) zone, everyone leaves the premises alive. And if in some strange coincidence you later hear of the Godalming Bloodbath, well it wasn't me, guv'nor. I was blogging.

Today's nice things:

1. Writing
2. TV.
3. The Proms' Party (cue wild and scary laughter and a narrow-eyed look ...)

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