Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sold to the Lady with the Lime-Green Laptop ...

... is launched today and is a big milestone for Goldenford (who, by the way, produce the best and most readable books in the south) as this is our very first non-fiction production. And has one of the biggest-bosomed ladies you'll ever see on the front cover. At least with that expression. It's astonishing indeed what turns up on eBay! Well done indeed, Irene!

Anyway, the launch is where I'll be this evening. And here's hoping the upcoming Christmas browsers - especially those who use, or would like to use, eBay - pop a few copies in their shopping bags. It's a fun read and gives a whole new perspective on the profit to be made in the online shopping world, so be sure not to miss out! It's also an ideal way to support the absolutely vital independent publishing industry - God preserve us indeed from the tosh frequently given to us by the Big Boys ...!

The rest of the day, I've basically been playing catch-up. Have caught up on the videos made during the week - and was much moved by poor Carol Vorderman's search for her father's family on "Who Do You Think You Are?" Have also caught up on my essential napping quota - a blissful two hours this afternoon, thank you! Well, I have to be awake for tonight, you know.

I've also planned my next round of poetry submissions - Paul Sutherland of Dream Catcher magazine didn't take what I offered him last year, but asked me to submit again this year, so I'll send a few pieces to him accordingly. I seem to be having a little more luck with the poetry at the moment, so you never know. In terms of people actually asking for stuff - or even taking stuff - the poetry side of my writing has always been more successful than the fiction side (though less obvious) over the last twenty years - but of course both my collections remain self-published. Can't even get poetry publishers to answer me on those! I reckon I'll simply stick to the self-publishing route for the poetry in the future - it saves so much angst even though my actual sales only manage to scrape into double figures. Still, I've made £54 from A Stranger's Table, so it's a better actual moneyspinner than A Dangerous Man!

This week's haiku:

You hang in the air
while the earth beneath moves on.
Your wings pause time's beat.

Today's nice things:

1. The Goldenford launch
2. TV
3. Napping.

Anne Brooke
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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

I ordered a copy of Irene's book online last week for my friend who, like me, is into Ebay. It's going to be her Birthday present. I expect I will have a sneaky peak before I wrap it for her.

Anne Brooke said...

A buyer! A buyer! A thousand thank yous, Sue!! Hope your friend enjoys it!



Irene Black said...

Sue - a thousand blessings upon you, my child, to add to Anne's thousand thanks! Do hope it gives you and your friend a bit of a chuckle! Did you order through Amazon, btw, or through one of our websites? Just curious to know where the sales are coming from...


Anne Brooke said...

Tee hee - seconded again, Irene!