Monday, September 10, 2007

Advance cheque arrives for the Z-list author - almost!...

Felt surprisingly calm today – unusual for a Monday and in the run-up to Freshers’ Week too. Which is next week – yikes! We had the first of our Student Care presentations today, and no-one rioted, so that bodes well for the next 25 or so talks. One hopes … Not that I actually give any talks of course – that would be too terrifying for words, but I’m in charge of the admin, the room, the speakers and making sure the DVD works. It did, by the way. We even had it delivered on time. This morning … hell but we like to cut it fine here at the coal-face.

However, the usual quiet office environment (quiet = contained panic of course) has been shattered with the decision of the builders to start drilling into the concrete just outside the window. I think they’re building a tunnel. Not that I can blame them – the campus is a logistical muddle at the best of times, so they probably can’t find their way home.

In the midst of all this, I managed to slip away for my lunchtime reflexology session, which was bliss. And I’m sure I nodded off twice. It’s just soooo soothing that I wish I could afford one every day.

Tonight, Lord H is at the shops to buy us something nice for our anniversary tomorrow (14 years of joy!) – I’m hoping for lasagne, ice cream and champagne. I do love a balanced diet. Talking of which, I won the office booby prize in Ruth’s recent quiz by having the most ridiculous answers – said prize was chocolate cookies, so I opened them at 10.30 today and they were gone by 10.32. Honestly, people here are gannets!

Am hoping to do a little writing this evening, depending on how energised I feel. Or not. We’ll see. Mind you, I had to have a chat with the downstairs neighbour when I got home as he wants us to check our deeds out as he fears that the middle neighbour has purloined a cupboard that should be ours. Hmm. The Cupboard Wars start here ... Hope the Godalming Police are up for the excitement! (Not that I can really get that excited about a cupboard - even if we were to live in a 10 bedroom mansion, we would still be untidy and not have enough space ...).

Oh, and deep joy - John tells me that he finally has the fully signed contract plus advance cheque from PD Publishing for Maloney's Law! Hurrah! He's promising to bank it and send it to me soon. Double hurrah! Almost like being a real Z-list author then ...

Today’s nice things:

1. Nearly having an advance cheque
2. Reflexology
3. Chocolate cookies.

Anne Brooke
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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Gosh, student talks must be happening on every campus right now. Ours 'cut it fine' too - one of the IT guys was off sick so my boss ended up setting up the IT with the remaining Engineer.

I had also forgotten what it was like to drive off campus at the end of the day and have to avoid students running across the roads in front of me without warning - the little tinkers !!!!

Anne Brooke said...

Though in some ways it's like they've never been away!!!



Anonymous said...

Well done Anne. Even if you don't get to spend it yet...


Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, JB - and soon, soon ...