Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Olives, mobiles and sneaky neighbours

Had a fantastic time with Jane & Ang at Prezzo’s last night – we were the last ones out of the restaurant, so I think they were desperately waiting for us to leave, poor things. Will they accept another booking from us? We’ll have to see, eh …

Today the rainy season appears to have restarted, and I think I’m coming down with a cold (Jane/Ang – take those vitamins – now …). I have taken my Echinaforce tablets and am attempting to think positive thoughts. If that doesn’t work, I shall resort later this morning to my super-cold zapper pills.

Apart from that, it’s all quiet on the Western Front today, Carruthers … the curse of August on campus indeed. Though, to be fair, I’ve been doing a fair amount of urgent work on the website and sending out the odd set of minutes here and there. As you do. It was too cold and wet to go for my usual lunchtime walk, so I ended up sitting in the nearest meeting room for half an hour with my Star Trek Monthly magazine. Never say I don’t have elegance and discernment. It’s a great read!

And ooh! Ooh! Apparently, my new mobile phone has arrived at Lord H’s work – well, we think that’s what it is, but he won’t open it as it’s addressed to me. No matter how much I ask him. Sigh! So I’ll have to wait till later this evening to get a chance to play with it. As it were. I do admit to having slight worries when he described the size of the box it came in – have I unintentionally bought a brick?? We’ll have to see …

Tonight, Lord H is battling the weather to hunt the buffalo (aka doing the weekly shop) and I still have the ironing to do. Actually, I’m sure I have ironing to do that isn’t even ours. Which adds weight to my theory that when Lord H and I are out, half the people in the street sneak in and add their unironed items to my basket. Then when I’ve done it, they make the return journey to claim their belongings. Damn it. So, taking into account the low level of my ironing skills, there must really be a lot of crumpled people walking about town.

Later on, I might see how I feel about adding a few more words to The Bones of Summer – but only if I’m in the mood. And I’d also like to think about drafting a piece of flash fiction for this week’s Writewords Flash Fiction theme of “my favourite food”. So what should I choose? Chocolate? Green olives? Chips? Mashed potato with gravy? Custard? Ah, the list is endless – so much choice, m’dears, so much choice! Oh, hello, I think it’s olives:

An acquired taste

Angelina smiled her most seductive smile, reached out from the bed and took two green olives from the side dish.
‘Olives?’ her companion asked, an answering smile on his face.
‘Oh yes,’ she purred. Without breaking his gaze, she ate one of the two, licking the juice from her fingers. ‘One for me.’
Then she eased the other into a place where olives weren’t accustomed to residing.
‘And one for you,’ she said.

Other interesting news - Flame Books are considering bringing out a 2nd edition of A Dangerous Man - with quotes on the back cover - so Michael had better spruce himself up in case he gets the chance for a second outing. You never know your luck, eh ...

Today’s nice things:

1. A possible rerun for A Dangerous Man
2. Writing
3. Getting a new mobile – I hope!

Anne Brooke
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Lover of Books, Films and Good Coffee Shops Everywhere! said...

Arhhh - I hate ironing too. That was until one day I put an item into the tumble drier and put it on hot for a few minutes and took it out before the cool cycle. Miraculously it was crease free - a truly eureka moment! Now the only things I iron are my denim skirt and a couple of heavy cotton skirts. There is a downside though - tumble driers use more electric than irons so I'm sure I'm damaging the planet and increasing our bill - oh well, nothing's perfect!

Have fun with your new phone. I love getting a new mobile and working out what new ring tones it does - maybe it does the Startrek theme :-)

Anne Brooke said...

Sounds a great plan with the tumble drier, Sue - if only we had room for one, I'd do that too!!

And the Star Trek theme - oh yes!!


Anonymous said...

Re: An Acquired Taste. Great piece of writing but are you sure you should be encouraging people to put olives in their ears! :-)

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

You may well be right, Sue - maybe I should add a health warning?!