Friday, August 03, 2007

Haircuts and Monkey Kettles

Managed to get a respectable amount done to The Bones of Summer today - and ye gods, I might even have a plot appearing. Miracles will never cease ... I haven't overdone it either, so feel fairly chilled and somewhat less fragile (thank God for De-Stress pills and some very wise words from those in my virtual world - thank you) today. Anyway, the current novel is now standing at 15,000 words, and I think I'll have Paul & Craig staying overnight in Devon. They'll be hard-pressed to hightail it back to London now for sure.

Today's nice news is that one of my poems has appeared in the latest edition of "Monkey Kettle" magazine, so that's a good feeling. I quite like the look of the mag too - very quirky and "in your face". Love it. Today's ironic news is that the title of the poem I have in there is ... um ... "Anger." Yes, well, couldn't come at a more appropriate time, doncha know, bearing in mind yesterday's tirade. And at least the piece itself is rather more tongue-in-cheek than I was.

This morning, I've popped into Godalming to restock on the local paper and my dwindling supply of Vitamin B pills. Honestly, shake me and I swear I'll rattle. I also paid a flying visit to Gladys, but only stayed half an hour as she was still really tired after her birthday celebrations earlier this week. Well, at 91 years, you're entitled to feel spent after a picnic round the village pond. I get tired if I walk to the post box, and that's only five doors down ...

Lynda came to cut my hair early afternoon, so I have now thankfully lost my woolly Old English sheepdog look. Lord, but it's nice to see out from beneath the hair, you know. And as it was her birthday as well, I made her wear the Birthday Tiara (which comes complete with sparkly pink bits and a rousing press-button rendition of the Birthday Song played on what might well be a Glockenspiel) and take it away afterwards too. Well, I like to think I can provide appropriate sartorial support to today's professional woman.

Tonight, I really must do some cleaning, and then we've got pizza, herbal bread, ice cream, and a nice bottle of rose (sorry, don't know how to do an accent on that one ...) chilling in the fridge. Bliss.

Nothing worth watching on TV though - crap!

Today's nice things:

1. The "Monkey Kettle" poem
2. Getting a haircut
3. Friday night food & wine - bliss!

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Anonymous said...

Pleased to hear you've had a better day today. And who cares how you spell rose, it's alcohol isn't it?

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Sue! And very true too!

Hope your day was okay.