Saturday, August 18, 2007

Cardboard policemen and contracts

Ye gods, I have a contract!!! Pause for screaming and running round the flat ... John has sent me the contract for Maloney's Law from PD Publishing and I have signed it and will send it back to him first thing Monday for onward transmission. I'd also like to take 100 photocopies of the darn thing and make them into this year's Christmas card, but Lord H tells me that's not what cool writers do ...

It's such a lovely grey colour with a purple splashy logo too - I love it. I love it so much I think I might take it to bed with me. God, but I am soooooo sad. I know.

Meanwhile, back in the wilds of Surrey, the Surrey Advertiser's front-page news is the theft of Farncombe's two cardboard policemen by two teenage girls. Yes, you did read that correctly - as part of Farncombe's new focus on community policing, they decided to give our next-door village its very own British Bobby. Two of them actually. Except that they were ... um ... cardboard. Which must really have put the fear of God into Farncombe's gang culture (and yes sadly there is one ... - the Farncombe Massif - or is it Massive? - if you're interested). Now of course, the Farncombe Massif Molls (assumed!) have stolen them and they are going to be charged with the dreadful deed and gain criminal records for their pains. Ridiculous. What should happen is the two girls in question should be feted and given the Keys to the Village or a medal for community service. At least. If I'd had the guts, I would have stolen the damn things myself. Cardboard policemen deserve all they get - and some! However, there is one good thing: the whole incident renews my hope in British youth culture. There are young people out there with sense, spirit and the will to act ...

This morning, Lord H and I have visited Lightwater Country Park in an attempt to see some woodpeckers. Lord H assured me that there are always woodpeckers there and whenever he goes (it's near work), great flocks of them fill the skies and fly from tree to tree in front of his very eyes. Well, um ... not today they don't, missus. Nairy a one, I fear - not even the sound of one. Unless they're all disguised as wood pigeons. Or cardboard policemen. Sigh. Anyway, we did see some long-tailed tits in silhouette and a Barnacle Goose. Which was fun. And the park itself is lovely.

Tonight, we're off to the evening wedding reception of Pauline's daughter, Emma. In Kent - which is a bit of a drive, so I'm hoping not to stay too late. Lovely to get an invite of course - but I'm not a great fan of parties, as you know. Very exhausting. Though it will of course be nice to see Pauline and the family.

Oh, did I say I actually got the contract today???!!

Today's nice things:

1. Getting the contract for Maloney's Law (did I mention that?)!!
2. Laughing at cardboard policemen
3. Lightwater Country Park (even sans woodpeckers).

Anne Brooke
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crimeficreader said...

Congrats Anne!

Jackie Luben said...

Yes many congratulations, Anne.


Sue said...

Brilliant news about the contract Anne. Well done.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, all! Ooh, and Rhian - I thought you were supposed to be on your hols! Get back there, gal ...



Nik's Blog said...

Huge congrats Anne!

Nik :) :)

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Nik!



Graeme K Talboys said...

Just catching up. Terrific news. Well done!

Anne Brooke said...

Thanks, Graeme!


CFR said...

I'm just taking a break from my own blog as I've so much to do at the moment, Anne!
Along with all the personal stuff for which I am so behind, reading is one of those things as is a planned set of author interviews, so I hope that September will prove to be a "back in full flow" month for the blog.

Anne Brooke said...

Enjoy the blogging break, Rhian! And the reading too!