Saturday, August 04, 2007

Mighty Erudite and the art of the wedding

Met Jools of Mighty Erudite Publishers today for a bacon sandwich and a coffee in Guildford. We were half an hour later in meeting than anticipated as I was waiting like a dork outside the House of Fraser whilst poor Jools was inside wondering where the hell I was. Sorry, Jools! And thank goodness for mobile phones, eh! I also looked possibly more of a dork than usual as I was dressed in my wedding outfit, though I wasn't actually wearing the hat. Just carrying it in a suitable (Macy's!) bag. Anyway we had a great chat about the publishing company and her first two authors scheduled for an October launch, I got really excited about it (and still am), and she seems to like my editing work and wants to use me again. So that's really good news, hurrah! And phew!

Anyway, after that, I met up with Lord H (complete with summer blazer and his own head-gear), put my hat on and headed off to the Carol's wedding. Lord H's comment: how unusual it is to be going to a wedding which has a boy and a girl in it. We can't remember the last time we went to one of those ... And very nice it was too. The bride looked beautiful (ace dress!)and giggled all the way through, we sang two nice hymns I could really belt out (in my own inimitable fashion ... Life Tip: don't stand next to me at a wedding), we muddled our way through some choruses, and I got quite choked up during the vows. As ever, eh. Honestly, I am just a complete slush-bucket under this cynical, bitter exterior. No, really ... There were nibbles and drinks in the church afterwards, and then we slipped away as we weren't going to the evening do (parties are hell to sociopaths like us, you know!).

So we have a free evening - hurrah! Which will be filled with Chinese food, beer and there's a new psychic drama on TV later on, so will be watching that for sure. I love that kind of stuff. So, all in all, a good day - shock! horror! And, bloody hell, but the sun is shining too. Astonishing.

Today's nice things:

1. Meeting with Jools
2. Carol's wedding
3. Psychic TV dramas.

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Anonymous said...

What a good day. Hey I could do a duet with you on the hymns. My singing is attrocious.

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

I bet we'd be perfect together, Sue! We could be the next Beverley Sisters!!!