Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Champagne blogs and wildcard poems

Strange dreams last night – all about being in the Plagues of Egypt with Lord H and trying to run round the huge house we were in shutting all the windows to stop the flies from entering. I think we managed it too, even though the windows were sash windows and immensely tall. I did feel sorry for the people outside though, but there wasn’t a lot I could do about it. Ah well. Hmm, weird or what? What does it all mean …? It’s a mystery.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I made a start on getting a skeleton file going for the support services annual report – not that there’s much I can fill in under the headers yet until the guys get their act together, but at least it shows willing. Plus I’m bumbling along changing the website to have the right info on for Student Advice. Goodness me, but I almost sound like a real Secretary there. Hush my mouth.

Plus we’ve been making guesses as to where Colin has been whisked off to for his 50th birthday surprise holiday. I guessed Bulgaria, and was winning till today when Carol came back and guessed Italy. Damn it as now we know he’s in France. So much for my winning streak, eh …

Oh and the glorious Sue has updated the Pink Champagne blog to include review news and the article I had broadcast last year, Ten Things I Know about Life, in No Particular Order … - so do pop in and have a look round. Visitors always welcome! And many thanks, Sue! Ooh, and not only that, but we've managed to sell three copies of Pink Champagne and Apple Juice via Amazon this month - hurrah! Thank you to those three discerning readers - a thousand blessings on your houses indeed.

Went for a walk round the lake at lunchtime. Managed to catch sight of a small brown bird, which could have been a sparrow or possibly anything at all, really. Who can say?

Thinking ahead, Jools from Mighty Erudite Publishers has arranged to meet up with me in Guildford on Saturday to discuss the possible creative consultancy job she might like me to do – so I’m looking forward to that, though I will have to wear my wedding outfit for the meeting(!) as Carol’s wedding is at 1.30pm. So I suspect I will look like a complete idjit, but heck I should be used to that by now … At the same time, Jools has sent me a couple of poetry collections to check out. One looks interesting but similar to lots of stuff around at the moment, but the other’s a completely wildcard long and luscious poem called Jerusalem, which I suspect I’m going to fall in love with. If I’m not halfway there already. It’s wild – I really hope she publishes it, even though I appreciate the market will be tricky. Sod the market is what I say – it’s quality that counts.

And on the University career front, the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Lord H’s question: is there an Anti Vice-Chancellor?...) is setting up a new group to look at induction & welcome for students, and has asked for me to administer it for him. Ha! That makes me feel good – I thought he might have had enough of me doing the Student Affairs Committee for him, but obviously not. Then again, maybe I’m just the scariest minute-taker in the village …

Tonight it’s “Heroes” and “Will and Grace” on TV. Double bliss then. Though I shall video “W&G” as I couldn’t possibly stay up to the ridiculous hour they schedule it for, or my eyes will drop out.

Finally, I must admit to feeling rather low and twitchy today – Lord knows why. Might be all the new things happening at work, post-restructuring, or socially. I don’t know. Anyway, it’s a pain. I took two calming pills this morning and I’ve just had a Rescue Remedy spray, so let’s hope they kick in soon, eh. We hope.

Today’s nice things:

1. The Champers blog
2. My first few glances at the Jerusalem poem.
3. TV.

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Anonymous said...

Well apart from the dream (can't they be weird eh) sounds like a positive day.

It's funny you should mention having to take calming tablets. Pop over and check out my latest entry . . . you're not on your own!

Sue xx

Anne Brooke said...

They're great little pills, Sue! Wouldn't be without them ...