Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Nurseries, assessments and Cathy’s blogging award

Quite a quiet morning at work, though for some reason I am consumed by anxiety. Think it must be one of those days – have taken one De-Stress pill so far, plus a few squirts of Rescue Remedy spray, and still I am keyed up for danger as if it’s just about to happen.

Which it probably is, groan – as I had to minute the Nursery Management Group at lunchtime. Children – double groan. I don’t even like talking about them – and the only good thing is we don’t have to have one in the group. Can you imagine the trauma if we did?!?

Plus, this afternoon, I had to do a VDU assessment for one of the Counsellors. Which is part of my remit. I don’t mind the principle of the thing – it’s the having to talk to people and sound knowledgeable and confident that gets me. Really, I’m the least knowledgeable or confident person I know. Though, actually, I suppose I don’t know that many people, ho hum …

Anyway, enough wallowing in my own angst. At this rate, I could make an angst soup out of it and feed a family of five for a week. Though, no doubt, they would have problems of their own. But the nice news is that Cathy has nobly nominated me for a Creative Blogger Award (and has, quite rightly, achieved one herself, so well done, Cathy!). Gosh, thanks, Cathy! When I can get my head round the instructions you’ve kindly left me as to how to do whizzy things with the icon, I shall endeavour to copy it to my site and wear my new badge with pride. Lordy, but how I love a badge!

Oh, and I think someone must have purchased a copy of A Dangerous Man from Amazon as my six figure rating now has a 1 at the front – hurrah! Though I suspect not for long, alas. But thank you, kind person –whoever you are! – and I do hope you enjoy it.

Other good news - Short Talk have accepted my story, A Question of Trust, for recording and selling later in the year - so I hope it will be available as a download from their site for you to listen to. Gosh indeed!

And I've finished Murakami's Blind Woman, Sleeping Willow - great stuff. A wonderful collection of short stories, and you must all rush out and buy it. The man can't do a thing wrong! In my opinion.

Finally, I'd deleted most of my work from the Writewords site, as I really don't want to be seen as a "serious" writer on there any more (whatever one of those actually is), so I'm trying to loosen the ties a little. I've just left the current stuff up, but I'll see how I go.

Tonight, I shall be trogging away doing the editing to The Gifting and sighing a lot. And I have my Wednesday sherry (Lord, how sad I am indeed) already lined up in my sights. Heck, maybe I deserve two? No, no, that way madness lies (as Lear would have said if I’d quoted that correctly …).

And “Heroes” is on TV later on, so naturally I shall be glued. Must remember to set the video for “Will & Grace”. I’m nothing without my American comedy fixes.

Today’s nice things:

1. Being a Creative Blogger – of sorts!
2. Sherry
3. TV.

Anne Brooke
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Cathy said...

Do you have a problem with Writewords at the moment? Just nosy as I am there too, but mainly lurking!


Anne Brooke said...

Not really - they're fine, Cathy - it's just that it's all really serious and geared up to commercial publication these days - and I'm beginning to feel I don't really fit in. And that I just can't keep up. The groups can be useful though - they help workshop your stuff.


Cathy said...

Oh and I just noticed from your links that you have met the lovely Graeme! He's a very good writer too...

Anne Brooke said...

Yes, he seems very nice!



Graeme K Talboys said...

Blushes becomingly.

Drags said...

Hi Anne. I found your blog through Graeme, known to his devotees at the OU as Grum...I'm very much a novice so it's great to read and learn from those more experienced, especially the gruesome criticism you sometimes have to endure. I'm a Heroes fan too...but not a sherry drinker!

Anne Brooke said...

Hi, Olana! Yes, Graeme is very sweet and blushes very becomingly, you know ...

I don't think I have much experience though - battle-scarred is probably the term!! With the people inflicting the scars far more experienced than I am, I fear.


Yes, isn't Heroes great?! I am totally hooked - you should definitely try it with sherry though. Straight from the fridge - hmmm lovely.