Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Champagne, roses, and my first review!

Valentines Day. Hurrah! Another chance for a small exchange of presents, so Lord H and I had fun opening ours this morning (presents, people, presents …). I bought him two books he wanted, plus chocolates, and in return I also got choccies, plus a fantastic pair of winter golf gloves so my tiny hands are not frozen when I’m swinging. As it were. I’m sure it will make all the difference to the sad state of my game. Talking of presents though, Lord H has told me that Caroline at work received a book on funerals from her husband for her fortieth birthday. Hmm, we have some seriously strange people in Surrey, don't you know ...

Oh, and the Goldenford ( Gals had a jolly time in our meeting last time – though sadly depleted by the loss of Irene (, who has broken her arm in an altercation with a Waterloo Station gate on the way to see Michael Wood perform. Bummer that it wasn’t after he’d finished his hot totty lecture though. And hope you’re on the mend soon, Irene – we missed you. At the end of the meeting, Jackie ( was telling us that friends of hers who live in Brighton and Hove have renamed “Hove” to “Hove, Actually”. Bliss – in my innocence, I hadn’t heard that one before. Which resulted in a few old chestnut Hove jokes of my own, such as “People will say we’re in Hove”. We’re a highly intellectual and focused set of publishers, as you can see.

Today at work, I’ve done all the changes to the mentoring handbook that I had to do – and now only have to shove in (technical secretarial phrase there – meaning, um, “shove in”) some pretty pictures and read the whole darn thing through again. I’ve also updated the mentoring info on the website, so I almost feel like a useful member of the university society. Almost. And at lunch, I attended the back strengthening torture class (though that isn’t its official title, I have to admit), so have grown another few inches in height. No sign of turning blonde as yet though. Will grey do?

And I am now officially a “Champing-at-the-Bit Author” – Wayne ( at Myspace has received his delivery of “A Dangerous Man” ( even before I’ve got my author’s copies. Double damn it!! Still, he kindly tells me that the book looks good and like a real book, so that’s a relief – thanks, Wayne. I’m still champing though …

And, amazingly, I even have my first comments on the book – Sarah from Writewords ( & MySpace ( has read it already and says the following: “The writing in the book is pretty special. I read it at one sitting - I can't resist books I love, couldn't put it down. I bled for poor Michael. The tale is dark and brilliant and absolutely terrifying - congratulations!” Bloody hell, Sarah, thank you so very much. Hope you don’t mind me blogging this, but I’m just so very thrilled! You don’t know how much that means to me, you really don’t. Thank you.

Oh, and Lord H sent roses to work – hurrah! – so now has huge numbers of Husband Points. And sensibly, he’s also provided a pot with them, so I don’t have to worry about our lack of vases – due to Lord H’s birthday flowers still going strong. They breed them tough these days for sure. Tonight, we’re having champagne, lasagne and ice cream. And probably a few chocolates as well – heck, I’m all for the healthy lifestyle choice.

Today’s nice things:

1. Getting roses - & champagne
2. Finding out my book actually exists
3. Getting my first review – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Anne Brooke


Peter said...

I'm sure you are already a useful memeber of the university community

Peter (Lord H's brother)

Anne Brooke said...

Peter!! You exist - in virtual as well as real time!! How exciting - hope you are well and not working at all hard. Good!

And I've never been a useful member of anything, so why start now???



PS I can call you Lord B-I-L if you like ...!

Peter said...

Oh yes I exist... take a look at my blog at though I've got about a months worth of blogs on my PC waiting to be uploaded. Lord B-I-L, I like that, why the name Lord H though, I've already got another friend called Lord H..

Anne Brooke said...

Ooh, I'll look at those - get loading, Lord B-I-L!! And your brother absolutely loves being thought of as Lord Husband - don't ask me why! He's YOUR brother, after all!! I take no responsibility for your family peculiarities, m'dear ...