Thursday, February 08, 2007

Broken glass and the PR queen

Sad news today - the last of my mother's enormous sherry glasses has bitten the dust. Or rather sprayed fragments of itself all over the kitchen floor when Lord H tried to persuade it to go into the cupboard last night. This is a key bridge moment, as my mother's sherry glasses were one of the things I brought from home into our marriage - much like a dowry of old, I imagine - and which have seen us through many a sticky period. Believe me, there's no row that can't look a little less fraught with a few gulps of Harvey's Bristol Cream or Waitrose best own brand down the gullet. Ah well. It was amusing watching poor Lord H teeter on his bare toes on the tiling though, as he attempted to avoid dismemberment. I had to resort to dusting the bits up round his feet before the worst could happen; he's not at his best at the sight of blood. Least of all his own. I'll have to tell mother I nicked those glasses one day too - I don't think she's noticed yet ... She's more of a wine gal.

Today it has snowed. Which means that my Counselling appointment has been cancelled, and there's no dance tonight. Groan. But I am glad I don't have to go out in the white stuff, seeing as I hate it so much. And a complete day in the flat is always welcome!

A large part of my unexpected free time has been spent being a PR queen. With a lot of help from nice people. Chevonne from Flame Books ( tells me that she's sending out 35 review copies next week of "A Dangerous Man", three of which are to authors I've met at workshops and who have therefore either seen sections of the novel or other parts of my writing. Special mention has to go to Andrew Taylor (a wonderful crime writer and a thorougly nice man -, Lesley Horton (another crime writer and a woman who tells it like it is, thank goodness - and Valerie Blumenthal (a lovely woman and a great writer of "journey" novels - ie the journeys people make - Astonishingly, they've all agreed to have a look at it and do a review, if there's time. Oh lord, I hope they like it, or at the very least it's not too much of a trauma for them. And so today I'm astonished by how generous people can be. Thank you.

It was also nice to speak to Valerie on the phone - she had some sad news, and some good news (in that order), and it was good to catch up, however briefly. By the way, Valerie regularly runs workshops in her Oxfordshire home - see the website above - and they'd be well worth attending if you're thinking about doing something like that. She's an inspiration.

In the midst of all this, I've also written two draft press releases and notified the YouWriteOn ( site and Writers' Promote ( site about ADM. It looks like I might be able to get some publicity on both (for which, thanks, Edward and David respectively ...) - I just need to persuade Chevonne to send me the front cover of ADM and I'll be rocking. Kind of. I can get flyers done too once I've got that - so at least the credit card people will get something other than the "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" flyer in my monthly missives to them. Hmm, I'm sure they'll be grateful ...

Have also written another 800 words of "The Gifting" and have taken Simon to the end of the third stage of his journey. Only one more of his traditional stories to tell, and one more stage to go through now. Though it will be the most traumatic one. Hell, how I love a big finish. Just hope I can write one.

And I've attempted to resurrect my social life, making arrangements for coffee with one friend (thanks, Jane H!), and emailing two others about lunch and a night out in London - the latter being on the 16 Feb, coincidentally enough. Bloody hell, I think I'm due for a few glasses of vino on my ruddy publication date for sure!

Oh, and I've fitted in a nap as well - as I was just too wired to sleep well last night. With this in mind, I think I'm not going to do too much this evening - wallpaper tv is called for. Otherwise I'm in danger of exploding from my own head - much like my mother's sherry glass indeed.

Today's nice things:

1. Three real authors being nice to me - ye gods, but I feel quite choked up just typing this
2. Writing more of "The Gifting"
3. Making social arrangements (and therefore looking like a normal woman - almost ...)

Anne Brooke


Cathy said...

Sherry? No!! How old are you Anne??!!

But seriously, that sounds like a really good, productive day...and without the boost of counselling too.



Anne Brooke said...

Sherry? I love it - straight from the fridge the way it's meant to be!! Surely the Spanish drink nothing else?