Monday, February 05, 2007

Cakes and catch-up

Felt like a normal human being when I woke up this morning. Almost. Which is good enough, in my book. So nobly dragged myself into work – ye gods, but the walk from the carpark to the office seemed unduly long and cold. Sometimes I wish the campus wasn’t quite so large and strung out.

It took a while to get into the morning, though at least I managed to catch up on all my emails by lunch-time and make some kind of sense of the piles on my desk. Which weren’t as bad as I’d feared, thank goodness. I was supposed to be meeting Sally from the Advice Centre for coffee at lunchtime, but decided to cancel on the grounds that remaining in the office for as much of the day as possible would be a sensible idea. And significantly warmer. The one bleak thing of the day is the fact that going to the loo from where we are involves a two-minute trip outside on an only partially covered concrete walkway, through one of the cafés and then across another cold entrance area. Well, we weren’t supposed to be an office originally – they’ve just squeezed Student Care into an unused area of the catering block. Hmm, which may well say something about how the University rates student care issues … You have to jolly well know when you want to go, and it’s hellish in winter or when you’re not feeling your best. When it’s cold, we put on our coats and run. Thank goodness I’m not having to go so often today though, as I’m still on the Lucozade, rather than my normal bottle of water – it may mean my hydration levels are shot to pieces, but at least I’m staying warm! …

Andrea brought cakes in today too, as it was her birthday on Friday (her non-working day) – it’s a shame that I didn’t feel up to eating one, as usually I’m the first to crack and tear at the packaging with my teeth, whilst moaning. Especially if it’s chocolate. Ah well, they’ve promised to save me some for tomorrow, when I might be feeling more up to the possibility of eating. One thing though – it’s a marvellous way to diet, if rather too drastic of course…

Tonight, Lord H is out at his theology class and there’s nothing on TV as far as I can see. I might write a few sentences of “The Gifting”, you never know, but I’m not going to go for it seriously. But at the moment, snoozing seems more desirable.

Oh, and I’ve written another 55-word fiction for this week’s Writewords ( Flash Fiction Group 2 challenge:

‘Will that be all, madam?’ Jeffries enquired, brown eyes glinting in the wall-lights.
Madam gazed over her gleaming mahogany furniture, plush red cushions and golden rugs. All the trappings of past ancestors and current wealth.
Sighing, she ran one idle finger over Jeffries’ naked torso.
‘Ah, I think there’s always room for more,’ she said.

Today’s nice things:

1. Managing to catch up at work
2. Not having to go to the loo quite so often!
3. A mindless evening in – hurrah!

Anne Brooke

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