Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stormy day and vestry move

Another lazy lie-in. Hell, I could get used to these. And no church services today - double hurrah! Change in the weather though - it's so cold that we had to put the heating on this morning for a while. And it's been on and off stormy all day, so we've only turned the computer on intermittently. Do storms really affect computers? No idea - but I still worry about it. Much like my grandmother hiding the silver in a drawer, I suppose.

This afternoon, Lord H and I went to church to help move the contents of the temporary vestry over to the new room. I really disliked being there - it felt unnatural and false, and got away as quickly as possible. I just don't get the point of church at the moment. Even after escaping, it's still messed up my Sunday though - as I've spent most of the day feeling down. However, was cheered up by someone from the Independent Authors site ( saying how much they're enjoying "The Hit List". Goodness, I haven't heard that sentence for a while. And, as a double cheering up moment, I've just had a good rewiew of "Maloney's Law" from the You Write On ( site. Phew!

At home, watched "Prehistoric Park" on TV - great series with some exciting/scary moments. I love it. Then Lord H and I looked at the second part (of three) of "The Miracles of Jesus". I'm really enjoying that programme too - it makes Jesus very human and also makes psychological sense, as well as putting an interesting and very real slant on the divine elements. It's making me think about God in a way church hasn't done for ages, so that's got to be good.

This week's haiku is:

On the long drive home
dark clouds cast bars on the moon,
rain beats a rhythm.

Today's three nice things:

1. "The Miracles of Jesus"
2. Someone enjoying "The Hit List"
3. The review of "Maloney's Law".

Anne Brooke

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