Monday, August 07, 2006

Agent's response to "Thorn in the Flesh"

A muggy day at work - and felt very unenergetic. Forced myself to have a walk round campus to find some energy, but had to sit down on a bench halfway through as I was so exhausted. Still, had fun watching the ducks, one of which had a white feather stuck to its beak and didn't have the first idea what to do with it. Stupid duck.

At home, my agent ( has responsed to "Thorn in the Flesh" - he loves it, apparently, and has already contacted some publishers to let them know it's on its way. Ah, but will they like it and want to make contact in return is the big and cynical question - or perhaps my hide is becoming too tough to understand good news when I see it? ... In the meantime, John has asked me to make some fairly minor changes which, in a fit of writerly enthusiasm, I have done this evening and sent back to him. We wait for response number two!

And I've had a more positive comment on "Maloney's Law" from the You Write On ( site, so that's a relief. At the same time, I uploaded my review on a piece of work up there, which I'd rather enjoyed - in spite of it being children's literature - and we all know how much I hate children ...

Today's three nice things:

1. The ducks
2. John Jarrold's response to "Thorn in the Flesh"
3. The kind "Maloney's Law" review.

Anne Brooke

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