Friday, August 25, 2006

Return from Devon

Back from our holiday in Devon today. Managed to get some relaxation & reading in, and do less of Lord H's let's-do-everything-today-and-not-stop-for-lunch approach to holidays. Slightly less anyway. During our five days away, I managed one aromatherapy massage (okay), one Indian head massage (great - will do again), two golf rounds (one superb, one so-so) and finished one book - Anita Shreve's "A Wedding in December" - good stuff indeed. You can't go wrong with a Shreve (usually) - a powerful and unsettling ending, but perfectly right in context.

I'm not sure the hotel is as good as it once was though ( - we may well go somewhere else next time.

And I have written nothing, and don't plan to till next week. I needed the break - and am trying hard not to pick up all of my old self and life now I'm back. God knows, some things need to go. But it's tricky - with the familiar come the familiar routines also.

This week's three nice things:

1. Indian head massage
2. My one good golf round (especially getting on the green from the tee on the 16th which included over the pond ...)
3. Reading a(nother) good book.

Anne Brooke

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