Sunday, August 06, 2006

Facing church

Well, my first duty appearance since resigning as Sacristan - I've been dreading it, but it passed much better than expected, I have to say. Managed to have quite an honest chat with some of our main church ladies, and they and Lord H came up with the stonking idea that the sacristan role could be shared out on a rota system, perhaps being something the crucifer (cross carrier) could do when it's their turn. Sounds ace to me, people, and means the long horrific months stretching out to Christmas - during which I'm sure nobody will want to take on the damn task full-time - might be less fraught. Which would be good. Sandy has promised to raise it at the next PCC meeting on 4 September, so here's hoping there's a definite end in sight ...

I also discussed how difficult and unsettling church is becoming lately, and Hilary seemed to think that was normal and it would be fine to take a break from it and see what happens. Also sounds great to me! - it would be lovely to have Sundays off, at least for a while, and not to have the "church monster" looming over me waiting to be placated like a wild dog.

Other upsides of church - the visiting vicar recognised me in the "Guildford Times" last week, in our Goldenford ( authors article so, hey, someone reads it - hurrah indeed! Also, Clare said how much she'd enjoyed "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" and asked when the next one's out - which gave me a lift. And Hilary bought a copy of "Champers", which I shall post to her tomorrow.

Back at home, I did my community duties by (a) washing the car and (b) putting out the recycling bins. Lunch was filled with annoying flies (oh the hell that is summer!), and then I chilled out in front of the TV to watch a triple bill (triple, mind you! - what bliss) of Star Trek. Oh, and my Star Trek magazine arrived yesterday, and I took the "Could you be a ship's captain?" test, in which I gained 95%. I could indeed rule the world and conquer the universe - you heard it here first, folks! Lord H of course can only agree.

And this week's haiku is:

I'm detoxed out now.
Surely it must be time
for a chocolate bar.

Today's three nice things:

1. The possible new solution to my sacristan crisis
2. Star Trek triple bill
3. Being spotted from the Guildford Times.

Anne Brooke

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