Friday, June 09, 2006

Night out in London with Jane

Weird dreams last night - a host of poetry stuff, Indian ladies and loo rolls on a mantelpiece floated past my head. Must mean something - only the Lord knows what.

Struggled with writing today - managed to dredge up 1000 words for "The Gifting", but goodness me it was an effort. Just too damn hot for thought. Or inspiration. Not that I've ever trusted inspiration of course ... this life is 99% bloody hard slog, and the 1% that isn't is usually changed before draft two. Oh, and I also wrote a poem for the Writers' News ( last line competition. Have uploaded it onto the Writewords ( site for comment, but no-one's bitten yet. And good news about "Thorn in the Flesh" - it's in the Top Ten on the You Write On ( site - at Number Ten, so hanging on just by its proverbials. Talking of which (novel, not proverbials - steady, people), my editor ( has sent back another chapter of "Thorn", which I have duly edited. It's like drawing teeth - only another eight chapters to go. Don't hold your breath! And today, I am consumed with my usual writers' jealousy at all the wonderful things happening to other people - groan! And it's only been a week since my own big competition shortlisting ( for "Maloney's Law". Wish the good feelings lasted a little longer ...

A quick pop into Godalming this morning to stock up on brown rice and detox tea (not as bad as it sounds), and a nap this afternoon. And I'll be ready for my night out with Jane in London later on. We usually do art, but this time I think we'll stick with drinks, food & chat. It'll be great to see her.

Have just finished Melanie Penycate's poetry collection, "Breaking the arch" - quite enjoyed it, especially the marital crisis sections. And I particularly loved her subtle use of rhyme. Interesting stuff.

Anne Brooke

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