Friday, June 02, 2006

Editing day

Hell of a night for not being able to sleep last night. Think I was on too much of a high to settle. Bummer. Still, it did mean that I day-dreamt a structure and some scenes for a short story whilst staring at the ceiling. Jotted some of it down today, with a working title of "The Bar on Sigmond Street". Also did some more work on "The Gifting" - the beginnings of a flashback castle scene now, and Ralph & Simon's first meeting. I now know what exactly a bailey looks like, and have glanced at a picture of a trebuchon (weapon for throwing boulders). Both of which could come in handy, both for writing and for life.

Also did my weekly editing round for work on Bewrite (, the To Be Published site (, UK Authors (, Writewords ( and the You Write On site ( Particularly enjoyed the very lush but dark short story which was allocated to me in the last of the list. Sinister and well expressed. And talking of writing, I watched the interviews with the two main actors of "Brokeback Mountain" on DVD yesterday and they said something (concerning their acting careers) which really struck home: (a) they act in order to bare something of their soul, and (b) each role is a step on a personal journey somewhere. That's exactly how I feel about why I write. That's exactly it.

A quick shop this afternoon around Godalming - found the perfect Father's Day card for Jim. Now all I have to do is get a present and family duty will be done! Tonight, I'll do a spot (only a spot, mind - I'm not proud) of cleaning, and then slump in front of glorious Friday TV.

Anne Brooke

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