Friday, June 16, 2006

Golf, plus yesterday's catch-up

Thursday 15 June 2006:

Day at work due to the new Nursery Management Group meeting, for which I am Secretary. Bearing in mind how much I hate children, I must have done something really bad in a previous life. Still felt very depressed, but work was actually good, in that it took my mind off it. Which is no bad thing. In the evening, Lord H and I went to see "Rigoletto" at Woking Theatre - a marvellous production, which included naked ladies (naked people are always acceptable of course, no matter what sexuality one is), a golden eagle and lots of colour. Just how I like my opera. Could have done with some naked men though - but hey nothing's perfect. And somehow the opera managed to lift the depression, so maybe music is the best medicine after all.

Friday 16 June 2006:

Day off, as usual. Did lots of Goldenford ( marketing stuff for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" in the morning. Ottakar's in Godalming are keen to take 5 copies of the novel next week, and also expressed interest in seeing my other novel, "A Dangerous Man", which will be published later in the year. Oh joy indeed. Gawd bless 'em!

Visited Gladys from church during the afternoon - she was terribly anxious about her cat, but I reassured her that Dolly ( said cat) would come back when she was hungry, and being away is the nature of cats. Having said all that and managed to be extra nice, I damn well hope Dolly isn't lying under the wheels of some lorry somewhere - that would be irony hell!

Golf with Marian came next, and I'm now enjoying (post-cleaning duties - groan!) a lazy evening full of beer, pizza and ice cream. Bliss. And at least the suicidal gloom has lifted at last - thank the Lord.

Anne Brooke

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