Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Disability Advisory Group workshop

A slow morning at work. No, really slow. Incredibly slow - so slow you could have had a snail race and it would have been high excitement. Had a walk round campus at lunchtime and sat on the bench near the lake. Five or six moorhens were pecking peacefully on the grass. The moment I sneezed, they all stopped and craned their necks in unison to see what the danger might be - surreal moment. After a while, they obviously realised I wasn't a threat, so carried on pecking.

This afternoon was the Disability Advisory Group workshop. Ruth invited me, even though it's not a group I usually go to, and it was rather interesting. Strangely. Lots of new legislation coming up and we all have to be more positive about disabilities. And disabilities is a wide term ranging from simple physical issues to mental health needs - so it could happen to any of us. Also lovely to attend a meeting I didn't have to ruddy minute - hurrah!

Received a couple more cheques for "Pink Champagne and Apple Juice" when I got home - which I will have to remember to give to the Goldenford team (http://www.goldenford.co.uk) when I'm at Guildford Writers (http://www.guildfordwriters.net) next week. Thanks, Roger & Dee of Writewords (http://www.writewords.org.uk) for the support - much appreciated.

Later, Jay Mandal from Bewrite (http://www.bewrite.net) is popping round to collect his books that I failed to sell at the Writers' Conference (http://www.writersconference.co.uk). Shame, but I think he would have done better if Bewrite had thought to offer a discount - at these sorts of events, everyone else does ...

Anne Brooke

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