Thursday, June 01, 2006

Harry Bowling Prize 2006 Shortlist

Today's been a really good day, in all sorts of ways. Did a little bit more on "The Gifting" in the morning, and then discovered that "Maloney's Law" has been shortlisted for the Harry Bowling Prize 2006 ( which is astonishing! Particularly as the publishers involved in the award, Headline, were one of those who rejected the novel last year. My agent ( thought this was highly amusing, and hopes to do a run through those publishers (including, perhaps, Headline) I have still to hear from to tell them the good news. Here's hoping somebody bites ... Ah now, wouldn't that be nice?

As a result of all that, I think I've probably played the best eighteen holes of golf today I've ever done - 4 pars, one of them a chip in from off the green. Felt as if I were cooking on gas, thank the Lord (indeed). Bliss. Popped in post-golf to see Gladys, but didn't stay long as she was having her tea.

Once home, BBC Southern Counties radio ( are doing a marvellous job on publicising the Life Competition shortlist, and are putting the series (of which my piece is one) into two radio awards later in the year. There's also some talk of publicising the stories on the website, so sent across a photo, a short bio, and a note of how I came to write the piece. And, in addition to all that, the anthology, "101 Poets for a Cornish Assembly" (in which my poem, "The Milkmaid by Vermeer", appears) has turned up in the post - so lots of lovely new poetry to read. Hurrah.

Have just finished Nick Fletcher's "Imperfect Day" - great stuff. Cynical and fast-paced with a good lead character. Wonderful dry humour too. Would definitely read more of his stuff - though I could have done with less typos. Hell, I have typos too, so I can't talk!

All in all, a really top-notch day - it's lovely to get one of these every so often. I'm incredibly grateful - hope the feeling lasts through the barrel-load of rejections that will no doubt be coming my way soon. It's a funny kind of a life.

Anne Brooke

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